Tripadvisor: 8% of survey respondents encountered bed bugs at hotels

by nobugsonme on September 3, 2008 · 1 comment

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According to a TripAdvisor survey,

Eighty percent of travelers said they are concerned about bed bugs when visiting a hotel. Eight percent of travelers surveyed said they have experienced bed bugs at a hotel.

I suspect regulars would be among the more informed travelers, hence the greater awareness of and concern about bed bugs.

It may seem improbable that 8% claimed to have encountered bed bugs in a hotel.

However, one study showed 0.6% of hotel rooms were infested in a three-year period.

It would not take many trips or hotel stays for 8% of a group of fairly-frequent travelers to encounter bed bugs at least once.

The first key to avoiding them in the room (and ultimately, to avoid taking them home): learn to search your hotel room for bed bugs. This FAQ provides more tips.


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