Bed bugs on the comeback in Israel

by nobugsonme on July 23, 2008

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An article in Haaretz reports that bed bugs are making a comeback in Israel.

A second article in the same media outlet tells Israelis what to do if they suspect they have bed bugs:

If the bite is found to be that of a bedbug, a report should be filed with the ministry of health or environmental protection. The Health Ministry confirmed a significant, recent rise in bedbug reports.

Do you hear that, Israel? If you get bed bugs, call the Ministry of Health!

Haaretz also notes that bed bugs were mostly unheard of in Israel between the 1950s and about ten years ago:

“Until now we hardly saw bedbugs in Israel, perhaps only in prison cells. But recently we have had some incidents. Though not many, they were in places where we have not seen bedbugs before such as in private homes,” says Dr. Laor Orshan of the ministry’s entomological laboratory.

Sounds familiar.


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