caution – bed bugs!

by nobugsonme on June 15, 2008 · 3 comments

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caution – bed bugs!

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Bed bug warning sign in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, June 2008.

1 Cody June 15, 2008 at 6:58 pm

Wow I don’t get it. It looks like they put spent a lot of time preparing things into those little plastic boxes and that tube (I wonder what’s inside it!!! It could be a surprise!!!) – but then they’ve left the luggage and the other things it’s sitting on top of just out there.

When I was putting stuff in the bin over the last few days, I was putting little notices that say “bed bugs”, when I realised they were so small and innocuous (the notes) that nobody would probably read them, which sucked.

It might have been cool to print out some big biohazard yellow warning stickers first.

2 Stroll June 17, 2008 at 7:07 pm

I’ve been worried about bedbugs since I first started hearing about them years ago, especially since I now travel for my work a lot more. This morning I saw a mattress in our bldg’s trash area marked with a sign: Do not touch, BEDBUGS. I am petrified, hoping they won’t but knowing they spread through buildings. I’m moving out of state in September and hope I can stave them off till then? Just had to share this worry, I feel with all the cauking in the world there’s still not much I can do to prevent this.

3 nobugsonme June 18, 2008 at 12:23 am

Hi Stroll,

Don’t panic. But do learn all you can about the signs of bed bugs. This FAQ is a good start.

Caulking can’t hurt. Realize that you may not be allergic to bites, and so visible signs may be the only signs you see if they do make it to your apartment. Also, obviously, if a guest complains of itching (and does not know about the bed bugs in the building), that’s a serious sign.

On the other hand, you’re most at risk if the infested unit is attached to yours (above, below, or next to). It is fully possible that some units are infested and that the bed bugs never make their way to you.

It would not hurt to ask the landlord if the infested unit(s) are being treated professionally, and if all adjacent units are being carefully inspected by a professional. Lots of landlords don’t bother with having a PCO inspect adjacent units, but it is very important.

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