Park Slope bed bug tour

by nobugsonme on June 7, 2008 · 1 comment

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Reader I Hate BB snapped these mattresses at 7th Ave and 2nd St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn:


And also in Park Slope, these:


And these:


And this half-arsed attempt at covering the sofa in plastic:


Thanks to I HATE BB for the excellent curbside tour of a popular NYC neighborhood!

Just a reminder, folks: if you do have bed bugs, you don’t usually need to toss your furniture and mattresses, and doing so is a great way to spread bed bugs to your neighbors.

If you really insist, then remember that labeling stuff is not enough; it must be destroyed and sealed in plastic and labeled. And even then, assume someone will take that mattress and make it new. And in this way, Cimex Lectularius will be propelled even further to World Domination.

I can hear his evil cackle right now.

1 Cody June 7, 2008 at 1:32 pm

I wonder if the matresses really do have bugs or not though – it doesn’t say whether the photographer went up to have a look or not. I guess it’s possible people just have affluenza and are buying new gear for their house.

Haha but my favourite is definitely the plastic wrapped one. To be fair I bet the person who half wrapped it thought they were doing everyone a favour though and didn’t have something better to wrap it with. I mean when your life is being ruined by these things… there can be some lapses in judgement and some “I just can’t deal with doing better” moments.

Second favourite are the ones laying on the ground as if for kids to jump on. Fun for the whole family.

Also note the proximity of the green futon sofa to the car. That person’s going to be getting a surprise. Free bugs with every parking spot.

Dumping like this doesn’t happen here in Australia that I have noticed. We do have pickups a couple times a year for things where people will throw things away – but not mid year like this.

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