Council bed bug treatment in the UK: rates going up

by nobugsonme on March 17, 2008

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The website This is Hampshire! reports that council (local government) extermination rates are going up, in Southampton at least. Now it costs more to get rid of bed bugs in Southampton.

CHARGES to get rid of bed bugs and vermin are to rocket as part of a hike of council fees and charges in Southampton.

Residents with a five-bedroom house in need of council assistance over the bugs will be charged £135 a visit – up £64.

Previously residents were charged between £50 and £60 depending on the size of their home.

£135 is about US$269 today. Most PCOs here in New York don’t seem to charge by the visit, so it’s hard to make a comparison, but I’d be interested in know what good private treatment goes for in Southampton (compared with London, a city more likely to be comparable to NYC).

Yanks have previously expressed jealousy that Brits can get Council treatment for bed bugs, but perhaps it’s not that much of a savings on private treatment after all.

Interestingly, the article states that rats and mice are treated for £10 upfront and £15 for follow-ups (I wonder why follow-ups cost more?), and it costs £83 to have someone spray for fleas or carpet beetles.

Not only do bed bugs cost the most to treat (and I don’t doubt this is related to the care required to properly inspect and treat), but they typically require 3 or more treatments.  And that sure takes a bite out of your wallet.


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