Still more from Nashua, New Hampshire: fewer bed bugs at 23-25 Temple St.

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The Nashua Telegraph reports that the rooming house at 23-25 Temple St. is still infested with bed bugs, but progress is being made and treatment continues.

In a follow-up inspection of the former YMCA building at 23-25 Temple St. on Thursday, city health and code enforcement officers found improved conditions, a flurry of work to spruce up the building, and only the occasional solitary bedbug scurrying up the side of a wall.

“They’re doing much better. It’s certainly not perfect yet,” said Heidi Peek, the city’s deputy health officer.

“It’s definitely better than what it was,” said Nelson Ortega, a code enforcement officer.

The building’s 117 rooms were inspected in early February, and 16 were found to be infested, including a number which were “badly” infested. The infested units were found throughout the building. Then, in late February, tenant Richard Jebb sued the landlord for interrupting his “quiet enjoyment” of his home by not getting rid of the problem in a timely fashion.

The article goes into some detail on the reactions of various tenants.

It was disturbing to read that Jeff Muscovitz was among the badly bitten, and he had moved into the building at the end of February, when management and press were already fully aware of the situation:

Jeff Muscovitz, 28, moved into the rooming house on Feb. 29. He had been living in Derry, but wanted to be closer to his job as a cook in the St. Joseph Hospital cafeteria.

Bedbugs introduced themselves to Muscovitz during his first night there, he said.

“As soon as I woke up the next morning, I had 12 to 13 bites on both arms,” he said.

To say the least, dealing with the bedbugs has been a hassle, Muscovitz said.

“It has been since the very day I moved in,” he said.

One concern is that he hasn’t been able to see his children, he said.

“I have two kids I see every other week, but I won’t ever bring them here,” Muscovitz said.

Not being able to see one’s own children certainly seems to infringe upon the “quiet enjoyment” of one’s home.

I wonder if Muscovitz moved into a unit that was known to be infested, or if he had moved into one where the previous tenant had no idea about bed bugs, and the inspection turned up nothing?

There was some suggestion that some tenants were not fully cooperating with preparation for treatment, while others were afraid to mention they were suffering from the problem. While landlords can be slow to respond, or may not always do so fully, tenants must also play their part by preparing for treatment, and telling landlords when they see or feel bites, or see bed bugs or other signs. If some tenants are unable to do the prep, for whatever reason, they may need assistance. Solutions need to be worked out in such cases–for the benefit of all tenants, and the management alike.

Hopefully treatment will continue until this problem is completely wiped out.

And I sure hope no one else moves into a bed bug-infested unit in the building until that happens!

1 fightorflight March 17, 2008 at 3:13 am

“…only the occasional solitary bedbug scurrying up the side of a wall.”

If this is what “better” is, I hate to think what it was like before. Many posters to this site experience BB symptoms and have multiple exterminations and never see a bedbug crawling up their walls.

I think it really sucks that we have to resign ourselves to this as better.

2 nobugsonme March 17, 2008 at 2:32 pm

Yes, fightorflight, this is unacceptable. It sounds like this is much better but then we have to assume that the original conditions were very bad in some of the rooms. To their credit, the health inspectors were checking in but this is not to be their last inspection. Treatment continues, and is working so far–meaning, the bed bugs are serious reduced. If they were pulling back on treatment, I’d have different things to say, but it does not sound like they’re settling for “better.”

3 Wade Whitehouse January 30, 2009 at 12:19 am

This website is updated much. If it were, you would know that Mr. Jebb’s legal action was thrown out of court. You would also know that Mr. Jebb was legally evicted for non-payment of rent. He had to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the building by officers from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s pursuant to an order issed by the Nashua District Court. Some people will do anything to attempt to scam landlords out of rent. Mr. Jebb is one of them.

4 nobugsonme February 1, 2009 at 12:14 am

Hi Wade Whitehouse,

We follow news stories published in the media. That’s how we found the article referenced above. If the Nashua Telegraph reported on Jebb’s case being thrown out, we would have tried and post an update on that too.

I say “tried” because we’ve posted over 1000 articles in about 800 days the site’s been running. We can’t always keep up with updates on everything, especially when the local media we’re referencing doesn’t.

We rely on readers to share updates with us, and appreciate it when they do (though for future reference, we appreciate it more when done with a less snotty attitude).

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