Spring break bed bug warnings!

by nobugsonme on March 13, 2008

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Myrtle Beach, SC Spring Break 2007 27

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Articles are now starting to appear warning students traveling over spring break that bed bugs are something to try and avoid. This article from the student paper the Daily Kansan, and this one in the About.com Student Travel Blog.

And remember Winston’s advice to us last November — even visiting friends or parents, you need to be cautious. You might be taking bed bugs from school or motel to someone’s home. Since Michael Potter tells us as many as 50% of folks do not react, it’s worth being cautious and inspecting your dorm room (or other places you stay) carefully.

Note to Kansas students: even if your school claims no one at the school has had bed bugs, they may have. The problem just has not been detected yet. No, I am not being alarmist. It’s just that that’s too rich a claim to be making when bed bugs are spreading all over the country and around the world. Someone there has probably been bitten. The same goes for About.com travel blogger Kathleen: I hate to say it, but if you travel that much, you may well have been exposed; you may be one of those who is not allergic.

Bedbugger’s FAQ on how to avoid bed bugs while traveling.

How to avoid spreading bed bugs if you have been exposed.


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