Homeless people wandering streets, refusing to stay in infested homeless shelter

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This story comes from Port-of-Spain, in Trinidad.

Bed bugs may be responsible for a number of vagrants roaming the streets of Port-of-Spain because sleeping at their Riverside location has become unbearable.

According to some homeless people, the bed bugs “are biting wind” and it is now more comfortable, but not particularly safer to rest under the stars.

Health officials are expected to visit the Riverside Carpark homeless facility next week to deal with the bugs, although officials there say the bugs are not a serious issue.

But certainly there are many problems with vagrants all over Port-of-Spain. One died on Chacon Street, Port-of-Spain, last week. Strewn garbage and human filth are everywhere.

There are always officials to say bed bugs are no big deal in a given location. I’d guess they’d become an issue pretty quickly if the officials had to sleep there.

The story goes on to detail the plight of the homeless in Port-of-Spain and other cities in Trinidad and Tobago.

Lest anyone think that bed bugs are only to be found in homeless shelters (as many still do), the article also contains a section on bed bugs at the end, advising people that:

Complete elimination of the bed bug infestation may be difficult without the service of a knowledgeable Pest Control Service.

This story by Darcel Choy is from Trinidad and Tobago’s Newsday.


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