March 2008

Bed bugs in Detroit and Troy, Michigan

March 31, 2008

Neal Rubin writes in a Detroit News Op-Ed column today that At Rose Pest Solutions in Troy [Michigan], where Sheperdigian reigns as vice president for technical services, the number of bedbug jobs has risen from one or two in 2001 to about 160 last year, with continued rapid growth expected in 2008. The article goes […]

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Lou Sorkin: what many bed bug bites look like

March 30, 2008

Left hand, mm rule, 6 hours after Cimex feeding Originally uploaded by louento.pix Lou Sorkin says, of this photo of his bed bug bites: 6 hours after feeding 2 adults and 30 bed bug nymphs. Initially bite sites were raised bumps and somewhat itchy. Within 30 minutes swelling subsides, itching stops, but small red dots […]

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Hotel Bed Bugs Don’t Warrant Punitive Damages, Judge Decides (Milford Plaza bed bug case)

March 29, 2008

Daniel Wise of the New York Law Journal reports that In a ruling of first impression, a Manhattan judge has scratched a request for punitive damages in a bedbug case. But the judge, Acting Supreme Court Justice Judith J. Gische, let go forward the negligence claims of two Maryland tourists for bites they sustained during […]

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Educating the public about bed bugs: Toronto to host bed bug forum for residents April 2nd

March 29, 2008 reports that there will be a bed bug forum to educate residents about bed bugs and how to deal with an infestation, on Wednesday. Concern about the recent city-wide rise in bed bug infestations has led to the creation of a bed bug forum, coming to Etobicoke this Wednesday, April 2 at LAMP CHC.”You have […]

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Cincinnati city/county combined bed bug task force drafts bed bug plan, not a moment too soon

March 28, 2008

Rich Jaffe reported today for Local 12 in Cincinnati that the combined city/county bed bug task force (Greater Cincinnati in Ohio, and Hamilton County, Kentucky Ohio) has released a draft report of their plan to combat bed bugs. Jaffe also reports on one Silverton, Ohio building that is infested with bed bugs, and one tenant, who moved to […]

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Bed bugs at Hawai’i’s Halawa Correctional Facility

March 28, 2008

KHON 2 News in Hawai’i reports that staff areas at the state’s Halawa Correctional Facility have been infested with bed bugs since September. According to a corrections officer, the problem is so bad in staff controlled areas, there was even talk of closing down one of the modules at the facility.The officer, who wanted to […]

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New York vs. Bed Bugs: NYC is the underdog!

March 25, 2008

Remember when I said that a number of New York bedbuggers were organizing a plan to call for local officials to take action on the bed bug situation in NYC? Well, it’s happening. New York vs. Bed Bugs, (slogan: “NYC is the underdog!”) declares: We believe that the city should lead the fight against bed […]

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Bed Bug Beware: new website from David Cain

March 25, 2008

David has a new website with bed bug information, as well as a helpful warning message you can download, print out, and affix to your discarded bed bug-infested articles. Click here for and here for the bed bug warning labels. Thanks David, for a great bed bug resource!

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Surrey, B.C. public housing infested with bed bugs

March 25, 2008

Canada’s CTV reports that a BC Housing complex is infested with bed bugs. The article mentions Kuehn Tower, but the BC Housing site lists Ted Kuhn Tower I and II in Surrey, so this appears to be a typo. (Incidentally, I wonder if they found a new manager yet?) Bill McLeod’s body is covered with […]

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Another top NYC lawfirm gets bed bugs

March 24, 2008

This time it’s Cravath, Swaine, and Moore, according to legal tabloid Above the Law. Apparently Cravath are trying to one-up Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft, who Above the Law claimed had bed bugs in June, and again in October. Above the Law claims, 1. An email was sent around Cravath last week about the presence of […]

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Bed bugs, chickens and DNA: a Q&A with Dr. James Austin

March 20, 2008

by hopelessnomo Bedbugger has been following the fascinating genetic research on bed bugs, a collaboration between the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville’s Insect Genetics Laboratory and Texas A&M’s Center for Urban & Structural Entomology, that illuminates a new perspective on the bed bug resurgence: the possibility that bed bugs were continuously present in the United […]

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The Wall Street Journal on “new” bed bug-fighting tactics

March 20, 2008

The Wall Street Journal published an article today mentioning some of the “new” methods of fighting bed bugs. The WSJ mentions Stern’s new Cryonite method, ThermaPure’s heat treatment, Bed Bugs and Beyond’s “poisonous gas,” and Advanced K9’s bed bug dogs. We’re all familiar with all of these options, and in some cases, with other providers […]

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