February 2008

More bed bugs in Nashua, NH: rooming-house tenant goes to court

February 27, 2008

More on the Nashua rooming-house mentioned in this story. Richard Jebb of Nashua, New Hampshire, is suing his rooming-house, having had nine treatments in his room and still suffering from bed bugs, according to the Nashua Telegraph.  On Tuesday, Jebb took his bug problem to Nashua District Court, suing his landlord, Mark Flint, and the […]

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Brown student wants to provide free bed bug treatment to those who can’t pay

February 27, 2008

This article from the Brown Daily Herald at Brown University describes what some in Providence are doing about bed bugs. And what one student would like to do to help those suffering from bed bugs. In the last few years, bed bugs have been making their way into Providence homes, with little official response. But […]

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The Washington Post says to ignore the bed bug media hype

February 26, 2008

Three articles on bed bugs appeared today in the Washington Post. One gives a first-person account of what was apparently a not-so-serious bed bug case, and the second shrugs away the problem as a bunch of media hype. “Yes, Tiny, Evil–and in My Bed” is the first, and provides yet another first-person account from a […]

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Mr. K, a North Carolina bed bug dog, in action

February 26, 2008

Click here for footage from WBTV News 3 shows Mr. K working with bed bug dog handler Mike Rogers, in North Carolina. And can anyone tell us which outfit trained Mr. K? The news story is imperfect otherwise, but wanted to share this because people are always looking for ways of detecting bed bugs. (Thanks, […]

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Bed bugs spreading in Finland too

February 26, 2008

The Helsingen Sanomat reports that bed bugs are making a comeback in Finland: In recent years, these nocturnal insects have been detected in homes in the Greater Helsinki area, but also in Tampere and elsewhere in the Pirkanmaa region, as well as in Oulu. The City of Helsinki Environment Centre receives several inquiries about bedbugs […]

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Family sues YMCA camp in Michigan, claiming son brought bed bugs home

February 25, 2008

The Jackson Citizen-Patriot reports that a family is suing the Storer YMCA camp in Napoleon Township, Michigan, claiming that their son brought bed bugs home with him from camp. Edward Higgins, the defense lawyer, tried to kill the suit, claiming it’s impossible to know how and when bed bugs arrived in the home, but the […]

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Brooklyn journalist muses on value of NYC spending money to fight bed bugs

February 24, 2008

Dennis Holt of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle wrote in an editorial Friday that he and his wife got a mailing from HPD, Diana Reyna and Gale Brewer, inviting him to one of the city’s bed bug seminars. And, since he has never seen a bed bug, though he has heard talk of them since being […]

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NYC Bed Bug Seminar: did anyone get a letter inviting them?

February 22, 2008

Jeremy, the BushwickBK.com blogger, got a letter inviting him to the March 12 bed bug seminar in Bushwick. Anyone else get a direct invite to a NYC bed bug seminar in their neighborhood?

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Bed bug infestations on the increase in Australia, says The Age

February 20, 2008

The Age had an article on bed bugs on Sunday, “Bed Bug Infestations on the Increase,” citing Sydney entomologist Stephen Doggett’s data on the spread of bed bugs there: . . . a survey of 121 pest managers undertaken last year by Sydney entomologist Stephen Doggett found that, across Australia, bedbug infestations had risen by […]

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Bed Bug Success Stories: Collette and a professional steamer

February 19, 2008

Note: since this post was written, Bedbugger has a new FAQ on Killing Bed Bugs With Steam. There are steamer recommendations and further tips on technique and safety in the Steaming FAQ, compiled by bedbugger Mangycur and nobugs. We have long had a success stories page. And though readers often forget to write and tell […]

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Reader Question: how to deal with bed bugs in Qatar?

February 19, 2008

A reader in Qatar writes, Hello, I’ve just found your website doing research on my own problem. I live in Doha, Qatar (Middle East) and have been suffering through what I am convinced is a bed bug infestation. There are some things I don’t understand though: – I don’t get bitten in bed, only when […]

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How can I catch a bed bug? How do I know I have bed bugs?

February 18, 2008

Attention! Since this FAQ was written (2/2008) many advances have been made in detecting bed bugs using active and passive bed bug monitors. Active bed bug monitors are available which did not exist when forum users suggested the methods below. Canine scent detection (bed bug dogs) are also more common every day. Please read this […]

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