Bed bugs at the College of New Jersey

by nobugsonme on January 30, 2008

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Bed bugs have recently been a problem at the College of New Jersey, according to the Signal.

Jessie Lamotta, now a junior history major at the College, was pestered by bed bugs on Cromwell 3 from move-in day to sometime in October during her freshman year.

“My roommate woke up with little red bumps on her body, and I found little blood stains on my bed sheets,” Lamotta said. “Also, at night when we pulled our sheets back, the bugs would scurry and hide.”

“The doctor (at Health Services) said that my roommate and I had scabies and that we should stay away from other students and not transport any of our belongings to other rooms,” Lamotta said. She and her roommate were given body cream to wash with twice a day.

I seriously hope that the diagnosis of scabies was given much before the students actually reported seeing bed bugs scurrying in the bed, and that students suspected of scabies are given skin scrapings to confirm that condition.

It sounds like the flare-ups were mostly in Cromwell Hall and have been cleared up.

Hopefully the students will be bed bug free from now on.


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