Bed bugs in Lincoln, Nebraska

by nobugsonme on January 26, 2008

in bed bugs, how to get rid of bed bugs in Omaha reports on Angie Rempe, who’s been living with bed bugs for eight months.

“By the time we found out what they were, they had totally coated the seams of the mattresses,” said Rempe.

She now finds bed bugs in the baseboards, closets and in cracks in the ceiling of her apartment.

The article mentions the fact that the landlord and tenant are at odds as to who is responsible for paying to get rid of the bed bugs.

Although the landlord and tenant in this case are working together, it’s a reminder that we need clearer laws in many places. Landlords may not want to foot the cost of bed bug treatment, but leaving it up to tenants (as is the case some places) means the problem may spread to others, and surely bring the property’s value down while it persists.

Rempe and her exterminator got advice from Barb Ogg of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln Extension Office:

Ogg said licensed exterminators must use insecticide every few weeks until inspections no longer reveal evidence of living bugs.

Tiny brown spots in patches on the wall indicate bed bug droppings, a tell-tale sign of a possible infestation.”You can’t just come in and spray the baseboards and leave,” Ogg said.Ogg instructed property managers of Rempe’s apartment to have exterminators drill holes in the ceiling to insert the pesticide, and then caulk the holes and plug up any cracks and crevices where the bugs might live.Rempe said exterminators have completed two treatments in recent weeks and she isn’t seeing as much bug activity as she had in the past. She said exterminators also treated the vacant apartments that share walls with her unit.

One lesson here is that if you live somewhere where bed bugs are less common at this time, contacting local authorities (like health or housing inspectors) and university experts (accessible via extension offices at universities) can help. Even if they have not seen bed bugs before, they should be able to network with colleagues elsewhere who have.

Bed Bugs Biting in Increasing Numbers, KETV Omaha

We’re expecting video on this story, but it’s not up as of yet.

The video is here. Search for bed bugs and choose the video from 1-28.  (I am on Firefox and using a Mac, and I do have both Flip4Mac and Windows Media Player but sadly, this is not working for me, but hopefully others will have more luck.)  Let me know if someone rips it to YouTube!


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