Bed bugs spread in Ottawa

by nobugsonme on January 10, 2008 · 13 comments

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The spread of bed bugs in Ottawa, Ontario was the feature of a short article by Daniel Proussalidis with Kristi Soble on, the website of CFRA radio 580.

David Saunders from Paramount Pest Control tells CFRA News the [bed bug] problem is rampant in rooming houses and hostels.

But Saunders adds it’s just as bad in homes and hotels across the capital.

“Even a year ago from right now I would get maybe a call a month or something. I’m receiving three to five calls a day for bed bugs now, ” Saunders says.

This kind of statistic, from individual PCOs, is very compelling.  In the absence of government tracking of bed bug infestations, it is also all we have sometimes.

There was also some advice for travelers about avoiding bed bugs:

Saunders suggests, if you’re staying in a hotel, you can leave your luggage in your vehicle and wash your clothes at an off-site facility.

We don’t usually suggest leaving items in the car or doing laundry regardless of known exposure to bed bugs, but they are not bad ideas, not at all.  Certainly easier than worrying about how to get rid of bed bugs once you have them.

Saunders suggests that

a lack of awareness about bed bugs, and areas not being treated properly have contributed to the boom over the last year.

Although these factors are obvious contributors to the spread of bed bugs, they actually aren’t articulated very often, especially in news articles which seem to gravitate towards other, hoarier chestnuts (DTT, global travel, etc.).

You can read the article here.

1 hopelessnomo January 10, 2008 at 1:51 pm

That is indeed refreshing. The proliferation of secondary infestations from untreated or incorrectly treated primary infestations has to be a major factor in the spread.

And lack of awareness! But I hope at least The Bedbug Bandit has done his part in spreading the word, not the bug. 😉

2 a tenant in Ottawa May 14, 2008 at 10:54 am

Mechanicsville and Hintonburg apts in Ottawa are infested with bedbugs, cockroaches, etc the problem was first noticed 5 years ago in several homes and apts, the slumlords of that area collect the rents, and do nothing for their tenants, most who are on fixed incomes, the area is full of hookers, drugged out crackheads and drunks… the streets to be leery of are the following
Hinchey Avenue (north of Scott St) Forward Avenue, Stirling Avenue, Phiney Avenue, Garland, Armstrong, Ladoceur, Merton Street, Irving Ave, Lowrey, etc.. believe me when you walk into some of these places, you can actually smell the odor, even the smell of fresh paint and cleaners doesn’t cover the smell of bedbugs

3 Mathieu Dalrymple September 12, 2008 at 2:11 pm

Bed bugs are a serious problem in all of the Bayshore area of ottawa. I am currently living in the Bayview apt and have had serious bed bug infestations for over 2 months now. My landlord has now sent exterminators twice and both my roomate and I are waking up covered in bites. Everytime I complain they simply tell me they will send them again. Also it should be noted that they are fully aware 5 other units are infested with bed bugs and I have heard many complaints of cockraoches, fire ants and silverfish. Minto has failed to do anything substanstial about this. As a result I have now had to dispose of my matress ($500+ value just purchased not even 1 year ago). For a student living off a student loan this is a major expense and Minto has refused to offer any sort of compensation.

4 Joanne Schnurr October 20, 2008 at 2:39 pm

Hi Mathieu,

I’m a reporter with CTV Television and I’m working on a series about infestations in our homes of various bugs like bedbugs. Do you still have a problem with bedbugs and, if so, would you be willing to do an interview with me about it?

5 melissa Williams October 22, 2008 at 1:32 pm

we live on donald what a hell hole, the managment has no clue what there doing, we moved here bought a new couch and beds we did not have any bed bugs before we moved here, we first notcied them in Aug, we moved in june, they have came 3 times in total we did everything we were suppsoe to do, we took everything out of the infested room i mean everythnig we threw out alot of stuff a new bed books and the list goes on and on, we were free of bugs for 3 weeks or so then we has a flood next door and it came into our house and so they pulled the baseboards off 3 weeks ago and have not replaced them yet. and now bed bugs again, we caulked all of the baseboards by ourseleves to ensure we would not get any from our neigours but yet again we have them, for 3 months we have been going through this all. clothes were in bags and our stuff was in the middle of our apt we did not use our room for 2 months, I have 2 little girls, what am i suppose to do now, im frustrated, and i dont know who to turn to.oh and one last thing i went to managment and asked them why they did not inform us that there was a bedbug problem and they told me its confidential and thay they spray before we moved in inplying that we must have brought them here, i told them if they had of informed us that our neibour had bed bugs and roaches we could have taken preactions so we did not get them, but yet again managment does not give a shit.

6 Not Telling June 27, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Hey, I’m posting anonymously. I live in Centretown and while my landlord has been pretty good about it, even though he knows I’m a recent law school graduate he keeps trying to insinuate I must have bought “a used bed from a oh I dunno ‘someplace'” I schooled him on the Residential Tenancies Act enough to get him doing something but now I have a tenant in an adjoining unit that is trying to prevent him from even having an inspection done (100 year old building you know damn well there’s easy conduits for bugs to move between units) on them, I’m a day away from filing a complaint with the LTB if something doesn’t budge on this but I can see how someone without my background could be completely overwhelmed by reactions like this.

What I want to know (pointing this to you Ms Schnurr even though I think you may not be monitoring this all that actively) WHY are people not pressing the City of Ottawa to treat bedbugs like a primary health concern such as the GTA has been doing for a few years now, my understanding is that Bedbugs first sprang up at that hotel on Rideau street in 2004/05 it certainly seems like we’re reaching the tipping point in terms of spread that this is going to be a resulting epidemic soon going on what I’m hearing anecdotally from neighbours

7 Jane July 2, 2009 at 8:36 pm

Hi there,

I live in Ottawa if you look at the tripadvisory website you will see it’s still a problem bed bugs in Ottawa hotels. I have to comment about if you have to travel what do you do to avoid getting bedbugs first as you leave the hotel I know this may feel uncomfortable doing so outside the hotel but who cares upon leaving make sure you have garbage bags double them up. Add your clothes inside the doubled up garbage bags and then add your suitcase into another doubled up garbage bag. . I had bed bugs a few years ago and in two words ‘ Pure hell’ . I washed everything in sight that had material curtains even the pot holders just to give you some examples . Doubled bagged it add a tag so you remember what you added in. I went to a laundry mat I lived with minimal clothing. And constantly washed and dried them. You will vacuum like you never vacuum in your life before. You need an exterminator !. He will make several visits dont expect 2 we are talking many more. What saved my matresses the exterminator sprayed it once the minute i was able to enter my place I went to sears and bought the plastic mattress covers with the zipper of the matress cover including the box spring mattress cover with the zipper the metal bottom on wheels i added vaseline to the wheels so they bed bugs couldnt crawl . And add duct tape along the zipper and leave close for months I also did thes ame with my pillows I was lucky I was able to save those items however again I kept those things on for at least 6 months . I lost my entire living room set , my desk chair , countless other furniture that couldn’t be saved. You remove the pictures on the walls some you have to throw out. Believe it or not plug the holes from the paintings in the walls they hide there. I box all the stuff that wasn’t material , wood etc… and even went as far as putting them in garbage bags and then added them in box and I literally duct tape the box like I was moving there was no air holes anywhere . DONT forget your xmas decorations in boxs that have material!. I bagged shoes even the extra ones you don’t need again I kept everything to a minimun for wearing. I bagged even the small area carpets . Those things that are bagged its not weeks its months and it was 4 months before it was clear for me to remove things out of the bags. Even then I made sure I took things out slowly rather then quickly .After practically looking like I was moving out but you aren’t moving . It tooks months before they were all gone and I was living again because you feel like your entire life is on hold. THe worse part is getting bitten alive and for me all I saw threw this nightmare were approx 7 bed bugs but trust me there are thousands more the ones you don’t see with the naked eye in essence thank god because if you could see that many you would go insane even though you feel you are going insane . You learn a lot. You will never go to garage sales , flea markets and you wont even take something a neighbour may give you like this wonderful chair because you never know. Did you know some aren’t allergic to the bites they don
t look like they have bites at all , the reason we can see the red welts its’ because we are allergic to the buggers . I took allergy pills till it was over’ reactin’. I used cream to help with the itch. Bed bugs adore humans we are their feeding ground. I remember the nights i was itchy and scratching and I would open my flashlight to look under my covers knowing they had to be some I could see and frustrated yet releived I couldn’t not in the majority anyways.

I didn’t go to restaurants in particular the ones with material seat covers because they attach to them and the next person sitting on them if its a female bed bug they take it home and start the reproduction of a hellish mess in your life. Today if I have no choice but to go to a hotel I do what I need to do bring limited amount of clothing and as mentioned above bring garbage bags and double bag all whats needed. Now for the winter if you feel you can kill them by opening your window and or throwing a piece of furniture outside to kill the bed bugs it would have to be -40s for 2 week straight for it to work. So that’s out of the question. Animals don’t get bites as far as I know they just carry them around because they act like a broom as they walk about. I did’nt have any visitors I explained what was going on and of course you get sympathy and they are happy you told them. If i got treated differently I let that person go in the eventuality if they dont understand whats going on they arent worth knowing. And as well because I only found so many and was getting bitten alive I told the exterminator when he would come and say i don’t see many I would roll up my sleaves and my pants or whatever i was wearing and told him you may not see those buggers but you can sure see I’m being bitten alive! Trust me he didn’t say another words as he entered my place. Do’nt wash the floor boards of your place wash your bathroom counter sink and bathtub and your kitchen sink and counters surface. Well that’s about it for now , if this helps anyone who is going through or will go through bed bugs then I’m glad. This is how much you don’t forget the experience just writing this is making me itchy of course it’s psychological but that is how it remains with you.

Thank you ,


8 George Jardin August 5, 2009 at 4:00 pm

I live in Ottawa around the Billings Bridge area. Ever since I moved in this winter, we’ve had problems with bed bugs. This is such a nightmare. Once my lease is up, I’m out of here!

9 Malcolm July 23, 2010 at 2:56 am

I’ve been dealing with David Saunders himself on my infestation of my room (and likely now at least a good part of this floor) of my apartment in the Glebe. He’s working here this weekend so I hope he really does know exactly what to do…

Because I’m on a sublease anyway, and it finishes in a little over a month from now. Yeah. Even with any treatment, I’m still going to have to just toss my bed, couch… and who knows what else.

I didn’t know how psychologically damaging it would be until I realized I would be staying up til, well, the time right now (3:50AM) still researching this thing. And I’m a skinny 20 year old, but it usually is kept pretty well and I’m more ‘fashionably slim and tall’ and people love it. But now… my face is okay (not gaunt or anything like that), but my body just seems to be wasting away from this. It’s crazy. I know its not from eating (I eat loads), but I think the stress from this on top of everything else is making me feel like the guy from Thinner. (NOTE: It’s not THAT bad, and I can still look good for sure, but I’ve noticed my arms going from comfortably thin with nice muscle, to getting too close to twigs for my comfort. Again, still lookin attractive enough, but my mind is wearing me down)

Damn you bed bugs.. damn you…
And when I move out, it’ll probably end up with only enough stuff to fill up a back seat area of a car.

10 nobugsonme July 23, 2010 at 11:57 pm

Sorry you’re going through this, Malcolm.

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