Comedian moves into NJ Ikea store

by nobugsonme on January 9, 2008 · 3 comments

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This ABC7 news article says comedian Mark Malkoff has moved into a Paramus, NJ Ikea store when his Queens, NY home was evacuated for “fumigation:”

When Mark Malkoff thought about where he could stay while his New York City apartment was being fumigated for cockroaches, he quickly ruled out friends’ places (too small) and hotels (too expensive).

Instead, the comedian and filmmaker decided to move into an Ikea store in suburban New Jersey, where on Monday he unloaded two suitcases into a spacious bedroom at the store.

His wife went to stay with relatives.

So this is a question for all the PCOs out there. Do apartments get evacuated so that you can treat for cockroaches?!?

I must have bed bugs on the brain, but when I hear someone from Queens is being “fumigated,” I assume they mean pest control treatment, not fumigation per se, and I also wonder if it’s not our smaller, rust-colored friends.

See the ABC7 news item here.

Mark is blogging his big blue box experience here.

1 persona-non-bugga January 9, 2008 at 11:21 am

My mind jumped straight to “bedbugs!” also.

Then I considered that the entire fumigation story might be a little fun fiction for the sake of the story. He knew for three weeks at least the fumigation was coming. Is there that long a wait for pest control in NYC? But three weeks sounds like just enough time to communicate/set up logistics with IKEA.

Then I decided: nah! the idea probably came from a real-life experience. There probably is some pest control treatment going on. Or if THIS “fumigation” is a concoction, his apartment probably saw some pest control treatment not too long ago.

And my mind went straight back to “bedbugs!”

If it is bedbugs, you gotta *love* the 7online picture of him with all his luggage and stuff sitting on the IKEA floor model.

2 parakeets January 9, 2008 at 5:25 pm

It could be that this person’s building was being “fumigated” for bedbugs but the landlord never told the tenants it was for bedbugs. Very common. In most localities landlords don’t have to disclose if they are treating for bedbugs, so of course most don’t! At the First International Bedbug Conference they said landlords don’t tell tenants it is bedbugs because then “Pandemonium will ensue.” I can’t forget that phrase. I know a case where, when asked directly, a lic. pest control firm told a tenant who asked that the units were being treated for “a new kind of roach.” (when it was bedbugs).

If this tenant moved into Ikea when his place was being “fumigated” for bedbugs(?) could he have brought bedbugs with him into Ikea? Very likely. Ikea, take note. Cute story but yet another way to spread bedbugs.

3 nobugsonme January 9, 2008 at 6:23 pm

Parakeets, the nightmare scenario you describe (that it’s bed bugs and that he transported them to Ikea) is more likely if the landlord lied. That’s a lot of IFs.

This is all theoretical of course, and absolutely no one is asserting that this man, his building, nor Ikea have bed bugs.

The possibility that it could happen is a reason there should be laws about disclosing that a building has bed bugs–even in some units.

NYC parents insisted they had a right to know if a child’s classroom had experienced a bed bug presence, after all.

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