bed bugs on the campaign trail

by nobugsonme on December 21, 2007 · 1 comment

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Mary Cheney on sleeping with bed bugs during a campaign tour:

To stretch their funds, Cheney said, candidates and staff stay in pretty bad hotels when they’re on the road.

“There are some incredibly beautiful hotels in this country,” she said, “and if you are working on a political campaign, you will be staying in none of them.”

During one trip, she found herself sleeping on a rollaway bed. The problem, though, was when she woke up.

“I realized something wasn’t quite right … from the neck down I was covered in huge itchy welts – bedbug bites,” Cheney said.

From “Cheney: Politics has always been part of the family” in yesterday’s Michigan City, Indiana News-Dispatch (caught by hopelessnomo).


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