bed bugs in 1920s NYC orphanages; San Francisco building dep., health dept. bed bug inspectors

by bedbugger on December 9, 2007

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  • Orphanage alumni take one more trip to Coney Island

    Life in a NYC orphanage in the 20s and 30s included bed bugs: “He spent his childhood in New York orphanages – writing letters to Santa that were never answered, or dragging his box spring outside to burn off the bed bugs each spring.”

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  • BeyondChron: San Francisco’s Alternative Online Daily News » Tackling the Bedbug Plague of San Francisco

    “Inspectors from the Department of Building Inspection (DBI) and DPH will not cite unless they see a bedbug. . . . inspectors should be allowed to cite for bedbugs if the tenant has bedbug bites.” Or maybe inspectors need to use a bed bug dog?

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