Winter scene in Williamsburg, with curbside mattresses

by nobugsonme on December 5, 2007 · 4 comments

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Bed bugs in Brooklyn. Well, I’d guess they were. You can never be sure. But I have lived in New York for many a year, and one did not used to find the sheer volume of mattresses one does today.

Many of them look shiny and new,
Others are streaked with bed bug pooh!

(These kinds of scenes just put me in a poetry kind of mood.)

Two Williamsburg mattress photos courtesy of Miss Heather, our Brooklyn native informant.

What’s the opposite of eye candy?

More Willyburg mattresses.jpg

Miss Heather directs our attention to the luxury condos in the background. For itchy young urban professionals.

Or there’s this one, on North 11th Street, Williamsburg:

N 11 bburg.jpg

Okay, the futon on the far right looks like something peed on it. But the mattress second from right, in the bag, looks new.

Bucolic with the snow, no?
I thought so.

Mattress photos above courtesy of Miss Heather of, who does not run a bed bug blog, though, being in Greenpoint (also next door to Williamsburg), the topic does come up again and again.

1 Blue_Ox December 9, 2007 at 12:28 am

My friend lives across the street from that luxury condo building, which is on the corner of N. 11th and berry. Friend’s building is across N 11 th street on the northeast corner. I think both photos were taken in and around the same vicinity or just a half block from one another. Should I tell my friend? Are these photos really evidence of anything besides people throwing their mattresses out? What does your gut say – what are the chances these people are just throwing out old mattresses to make room for new ones, or maybe that these mattresses belong to people who are moving out and didn’t want to move the mattresses?

2 nobugsonme December 9, 2007 at 2:12 am


We do not have proof there are bed bugs in these mattresses. We won’t even speculate that there are. However, your friend should know that Williamsburg is as full of bed bugs as any neighborhood in NYC, and s/he should be on the alert.

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