A few minor tweaks to the site

by nobugsonme on November 30, 2007

in meta

You will notice a few more changes to the sidebar today:

New feature: The last ten discussions in the forums are now linked from the sidebar. So from the top of the inner sidebar, these items appear:

  • search box
  • recent blog comments,
  • recent forum posts,
  • recent blog posts, and so on.

Many people read the blog, and many people read the forums, but often not the same people. And that’s just fine!

But I thought it would be nice to give blog-readers a taste of what’s going on on the forums (yesterday alone, there were 150 posts).

The Clustermap of Bedbugger.com readers worldwide, and location of last 10 visitors have moved to bottom inner sidebar.

Feedback (raves as well as complaints) welcome.


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