Bed bugs in casino and senior apartments in New Jersey, Binghamton University (again) and another dust mite photo in the news

by bedbugger on November 22, 2007 · 1 comment

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1 parakeets November 26, 2007 at 8:24 pm

As for the Redbank Senior residence…
Here’s a great twist I never heard before:
“The resident said an exterminator came to the building, *******gave a presentation on the insects (!!!)****** and sprayed the building.”
(Asterisks and exclamation points mine).
I am thrilled to see this crucial step of disclosure and education. It was only last year when a senior residence in my town was treated for bedbugs and the residents were simply told that the treatment was for “a new kind of roach.” Things are changing.

As for the casino…
I can’t believe they put the story of three guests finding bedbugs in their room in with a list of complaints such as “A hotel guest said there was no mouthwash or shampoo in his room, which had not been vacuumed…” Duh, quite a difference. I’d take a shampoo bottle full of bedbugs, tightly closed of course, before I’d want one live bedbug in the room. I wonder if there was some bedbug terrorist activity by those who were anti-hotel? They could have gotten the idea from a certain very popular George Clooney film this past summer.

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