Bed bugs in Edinburgh, Scotland

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From Musselburgh to Murrayfield, Leith to Morningside, Edinbugh is bed-bugging, accoding to this new article from the Scotsman.

The article is a pretty standard “bed bugs are spreading in our area” story. However, the section entitled “The Facts” gives a hint of how far the news media has come as far as understanding bed bugs.

For example, this anticipates the “Oh, we all have bugs in our bed” response:

Although all of us will be living with dust mites, they are not a patch on ever-multiplying bed bugs.

And this gets people beyond the “bed bugs live in your mattress” fixation:

Their daytime home will be in the cracks of walls, the fibre of mattresses, behind pictures and in wallpaper and headboards.

And this gets people beyond just looking for visible itchy bites, which do not afflict all with bed bugs:

Tell-tale signs of infestation, apart from bites on the skin, include small blood spots on bed sheets and tiny black marks by mattress seams, caused by the bugs squeezing out excess blood to crawl back into their hiding spaces after they feed.

While the media are still making errors, and the comments to this article give a sense of how much the public still needs to be educated, I am glad that journalists are now giving much more information about bed bugs and their signs.

Remember when we were told to flip mattresses to look for bed bugs, as if it were always so easy? Or that tossing out mattresses was a solution to one’s bed bug problems? We have a way to go, but we are making progress.

The to those in Scotland: other areas of the country are also experiencing the same. Click to see a map of Bedbugger readers in Scotland and the rest of the UK and Ireland. (Hint: the incidence of Bedbugger readers appears to correspond to the population density of a given area.) Dundee, Glasgow and Clydeside, Aberdeen, Fife, and other regions also have bed bugs.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that bed bugs are everywhere.

1 steve fellows September 1, 2009 at 8:31 am

In reference to the ‘bedbug’ situation, we are getting increasing numbers of people calling regarding bed bugs and treatments.
This is getting quite alarming due to the eradication of these bugs many years ago, cheap travel,busy hotels and restrictions on pesticides will do nothing but help these bugs thrive.
If you have a problem with bed bugs call a professional company to carry out a free survey before infestation reaches high levels.
Usual signs of bed bugs are small blood dots on the bedding material, mattresses, around light switches, headboards and frame, sockets, table lamps.
If you can smell the infestation this means you are experiencing high levels of activity, get it checked right away.
These bugs will only be eliminated with good cleaning and hygeine methods, hot washing bedding or dry cleaning, insecticidal treatments and a thorough regular inspection.

2 Dawn Harper September 9, 2009 at 11:33 am

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