(The following is not really bed bug news, but a reminder of a time not long ago when encountering a bed bug in a place of business was a bit like finding a hair in your salad, but maybe more common.)


(These last two are not really bed bug stories, but they tell us something about how widely known bed bugs are becoming: they’re starting to mean something in popular parlance once again.)


This is about alleged criminals being roused from their beds in a sunrise raid. Wise hopelessnomo called it as a Tipping Point. Ironically, jail is apparently a great place to pick up bed bugs…
1 hopelessnomo November 15, 2007 at 10:40 am

I think it was bugzinthehood who first started calling tipping points? Or was it Parakeets? So props to them for starting that bedbugger tradition.

Those stories about how much bedbugs cost property owners are sad but essential. If anything is going to wake people up…

(Editor’s note: Yes, it was Bugzinthehood.)

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