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by bedbugger on November 12, 2007

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The story above, along with the others I’ve included in these recent news round-ups, was very distressing to me: twenty women and children from a shelter, many of them in the shelter due to domestic abuse, have to relocate due to bed bugs. This is an example of the impact bed bugs can have on peoples’ lives. The story goes on to explain that it is hard to find another location to house these women and children, who need to remain together for support reasons, and (because some cases involve abuse) whose whereabouts must be kept secret for safety reasons.

The bed bug stories in the media keep on coming. In the last week, as you can see, I’ve started blogging some news stories with a mini-analysis or comment from me (as above), using the “daily blog posting” function at, which was recommended to me by bed bug blog veteran Windy City Mike. This is not meant to substitute for more in-depth coverage, but to deal with an ever-increasing volume of bed bug news.

As much as I hate not commenting in length on every important bed bug story I read, it’s been impossible to do so for some time now. I hope that these mini-analyses are helpful. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.


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