Bed bugs at Stanford again

by nobugsonme on October 24, 2007

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According to the Stanford Daily, bed bugs are biting at Paloma, a West Florence Moore dorm. The bed bugs still appear to be ably handled by Rich Crane.

The article said,

“Student Housing has been informed of a few cases of bedbugs on campus for about the past six to seven years,” Imogen Hinds, associate director of student housing, wrote in an email to The Daily. “We have not had cases every year. Some years we do have more than in others.”

Actually, last year alone, they were at East Flo in December 2006, and Alondra in January 2007.

Nevertheless, the impressive-sounding bed bug protocols described in these various articles suggest that the way bed bugs are handled at Stanford is better than that at any other college where we have details of treatment. Which isn’t many, since colleges tend to hush this up. Having bed bugs repeatedly in different places, and fighting them aggressively, is the best case scenario when it comes to colleges and bed bugs. (Compare that with having them in the same place over and over.)

Nevertheless, it does seem like Stanford needs to implement more steps to avoid infestations. Students are being given some education about preventing and detecting bed bugs by the university, but I am sure more could be done.


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