Bed bugs taking over Wales too; hospitals and bed bugs

by nobugsonme on October 21, 2007

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Welsh Bedbuggers would do well not to put too much stock in this article from Wales on Sunday via, since it repeatedly refers to bed bugs as “mites” (hint: bed bugs are insects; mites belong to the class Arachnida (as do spiders). Not bad for a humanities major, eh folks?

The article suggests hospitals as a source of some recent bed bug infestations in Swansea, South Wales:

Marc Everitt, the owner of Swansea-based pest control firm Pest-Ex, said: “No-one is safe – bedbugs don’t go by postcode and they can affect anyone. We have seen a massive increase recently.”

Mr Everitt said he had also dealt with a number of infestations that had broken out after people had stayed in hospitals.

“We’ve had cases where elderly people have returned from hospital and have suddenly found that they’ve got an infestation,” he revealed.

“It’s difficult to prove a direct link. But the evidence suggests that that’s the place the bugs are being brought back from.”

He added: “The problem is that even if you don’t have them, you can catch them off your neighbours and so they spread very quickly and very easily.”

Watch the horror as bed bugs cross the UK and Ireland via our Clustrmap of readers’ locations.

Anyone planning a return from the hospital might do well to follow some of the recommendations in our travel FAQs for not bringing bed bugs home: here, and if you are pretty sure you were in a place that had bed bugs, then also read this.

Yes, people staying in hospitals often have much more serious things to worry about than bringing bed bugs home, and it’ a shame they have to think about this as well as staph infections, and whatever they went to the hospital for in the first place. I can only imagine having to deal with bed bugs after a serious illness, injury, or surgery: prepping for treatment, exposure to pesticides, the cost — what a nightmare.

We have sometimes heard people on the Bedbugger Forums consider whether they got their bed bugs during a hospital visit. In related news, this article details a bed bug infestation in a Canadian pediatric unit, and this article mentions how Cincinnati’s Pamela Mackey came home from a hospital, opened an envelope they’d given her, and found a bed bug inside.


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