Margaret Cho on bed bugs: “so New York”

by nobugsonme on September 27, 2007 · 1 comment

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Margaret Cho is bringing her touring burlesque-style variety show to The Zipper Factory in New York City this week. Bed bugs came up near the end of this interview with Tony Phillips in Boston’s online journal Edge.

The context is that interviewer Tony Phillips is apologizing for not having more suggestions for Cho’s stay in NYC:

Tony Phillips: So I wish I could have been more helpful with the New York tips, but I do want to leave you with this: stay out of Bushwick. It’s this trendy ‘hood in Brooklyn and I’m quite sure people will try and drag you out there, but stay away. There’s a huge bed bug problem. It’s all over Gawker today.

Margaret Cho: What? They have bed bugs? What the hell are bed bugs?

Tony Phillips: It’s very Ashley Judd. They’re these little bugs transmitted through bedding and they suck your blood. I mean, share needles, fine, whatever. But who the [f word] is sharing bedding?

Margaret Cho: Your trick is going to bring a pillow. Nuh-uh, that’s nasty.

Tony Phillips: It’s fat Janet nasty.

Margaret Cho: And so New York. I can’t wait.

Some observations:

On the one hand, there are still people who do not know bed bugs exist. (People who are fairly tuned in to the media and who live in major cities, mind you.)

On the other hand, there are people who know nothing about Bushwick except that it is infested with bed bugs. (Not exactly accurate, but a testament to the power of a Gawker article.)

What’s most striking, though, is that everyone talks about the bed bugs as if they are elsewhere. Watch out for bed bugs in NYC? Tony, my friend, watch out in Boston.

1 BronxBugged April 27, 2010 at 8:38 pm

hilarious. i love Cho, and i wish she’d add the reality of bed bugs into one of her skits. that’d get ’nuff press attention and since she is so radical and outspoken, i could see her with a no holds barred approach to the topic, which is LONG OVERDUE.

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