Sunday, Buggy Sunday

by nobugsonme on September 4, 2007 · 1 comment

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In the course of four blocks on Sunday, walking through the East Village, I happened upon three separate incidents of discarded furniture.

Now, it was the 3rd of September, and one of the busiest moving weekends of the year. So normally, I would assume some stuff would just be discarded because it was old or did not fit in the moving truck. But I have good reason to think that the first two cases were bed bug-related.

306 E 15th ST.jpg

First, there was this futon, on East 15th Street between 2nd and 1st. It had been slashed, down the center, so its stuffing was falling out. Where you see white, the innards are sticking out.

Why would anyone do that, unless they were trying to prevent others from using it? Why would anyone want to prevent others from re-using their refuse, given the general concern for the environment?

Bed bugs, of course.

Next, there was this mattress, propped against a light pole on 1st Avenue at 13th Street.

1st ave and 13th st.jpg

The camera phone photo is not great. You can barely see the black fecal stains which were clearly visible and unmistakeable, along the piping on the side leaning against the pole. Shame on them for neither marking nor destroying this item. Although I could see fecal stains on one side, it would be possible for someone to miss them, at least until they got it home. And desperate people who do not know bed bugs might think it was a harmless stain.

Finally, there was this lovely still-life a block or so down 1st: dirty off-white mattress, black futon, and a colorful bag of yarn (maybe eight different balls, nice yarn). Who would toss that yarn? Big balls, many of them. How hard is it to move a bag of yarn? And nice yarn is expensive.

1st ave and 12th st.jpg

This third set did not obviously look like a bed bug case, to me. People do move, and it’s a good time to toss beds that need replacing, as the off-white mattress clearly did. Still, two out of three is pretty bad.

While my friend and I had lunch, a woman walked by carrying the yarn.


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