When I say the title of the blog, it makes me feel like Sean Connery

by nobugsonme on September 1, 2007 · 1 comment

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Or maybe it’s Ewan McGregor doing Sean Connery saying “New York City”.

Miss Heather’s blog newyorkshitty.com, that is. To say it’s a Greenpoint blog that documents pictures of dog poo, (and many other kinds of sh*t, like fugly new buildings) in Greenpoint does not do justice to the beauty and humor this website exudes.

Today, Miss Heather saw the joy with which we received yesterday’s bed bug couch photo, and raised it, to the tune of a Greenpoint, bug-infested mattress and furniture gallery, circa May 2006 to August 2007. It includes photos curbside photos taken outside the infamous Astral. It is sad and beautiful. Like Aux Revoir Mes Enfants, and the music of the Smiths. And the mattress photos of social interloper, in San Francisco.

I’ve noticed a trend: Manhattan hotels and tenants apparently toss out their beautiful mattresses, intact and unmarked, to bite someone else another day, hoping no one will suffer the distaste of seeing a “bed bugs” sign taped to them, or their innards peeking out where they were slashed. They are misguided. And they’re guilty of spreading bed bugs to others.

But the Bedbuggers of Greenpoint (artistic and creative lot that they are) are prone to leave humorous and tragic warning notes, like “Do not use, it bites!” While I hope that everyone will remember to slash and destroy, as well as mark (because there is always someone who will think your intact bed with writing on it looks a-OK), there is a great deal to be said for the notices being left, which warn, and spread the word.

Remember too, it’s good for others to know that bed bugs are in your neighborhood, even if they aren’t thinking of taking your refuse home!

Thanks Miss Heather, for documenting the horror.

Note also that The Bed Bug King is taking our Dos and Don’ts, and raising us a How and a Why. Touché!

1 Miss Heather September 4, 2007 at 7:31 pm

Lest your inner Sean Connery James Bonds wonders; my collars and cuffs don’t match. Not since 14 anyway. 😉

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