48th Street between 3rd and Lex, last night

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For our Mattress Travelogue series:

Courtesy of a Bedbugger reader, a lovely photo of a discarded mattress on East 48th St. You can click the photo, choose all sizes, then choose the large size, to see in greater detail. It looks like a nice clean mattress.

Only a few feet away, a couple appear to be enjoying their evening. There’s a restaurant with outdoor seating just to the right of them, and a Marriott Hotel right across the street.

Prediction: I would guess someone drove by afterwards to take that nice-looking mattress and use it, give it away, or resell it. And soon, another unit in another building will be infested, if not more.

While we can’t be certain that mattress has bed bugs, it does look awfully nice to be tossed out.

Photo credit: Iphone Interloper

1 J August 29, 2007 at 3:50 pm

Yeah, I keep telling my friends who enjoy trash picking or trash pick in order to not participate in consumeirsm etc, NOT to bring mattresses and furnitures from into their place, I would not wish bedbugs on my worst enemy. I don’t think they believe me, they give me this look like I’m crazy, but hopefully the message got through.

2 Winston O. Buggy August 30, 2007 at 9:06 am

Just a reminder that bed bugs travel, hitchhike or as we say in entomology are
captives on not just mattresses but such things as clothes (duh) books,
guitar cases, picture frames, wooden chairs and other furniture, record albums,
CD covers and as they say in the King and I etc., etc., etc.
Me thinks that if Abbie Hoffman wrote his “Steal this book” today he would
have to like totally have to re do the free furniture chapter. Yippie !!

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