Lindsay Roberts reports for that bed bugs are flourishing in Virginia hotels in areas such as Newport News, Hampton Roads, and Virginia Beach.

One woman is interviewed who used to work as a motel housekeeper; she started getting bitten at work, and she quit her job because of it.

“If I’m getting bit up like this, making me sick, I’m sure other people are too,” said Laquita Grimes.

I just hope she did not take them home from work with her. It’s tragic that she had to quit her job because of this. I wonder how many more people take bed bugs home from work, and are faced with the expense of eradication.

The motel where Grimes works tells 13News they have sprayed and that the problem is now under control, but the management admits bed bugs are a problem reputable hotels and motels across the country are dealing with now more than ever.

While I am glad the motel has treated for bed bugs, I am not reassured by being told “they have sprayed.” “Under control” might be enough for pests like cockroaches, but bed bugs need to be eliminated. While this is not permanently possible in a hotel or motel, where new bed bugs could arrive any day, managers of lodging establishments need to do more, on an ongoing basis.

I hope that they realize that regular treatment is necessary for bed bugs. The motel needs to clean extensively to remove bed bugs and their eggs, and treat aggressively, including follow-ups every 10-14 days by a PCO who knows bed bugs (not simply by motel staff). They also, in my opinion, need a bed bug protocol, which should include training staff to recognize signs of bed bugs, and maybe some kind of preventive treatment, since bed bugs will be brought in again and again.

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1 hopelessnomo August 27, 2007 at 1:17 am

I still don’t get how hotel rooms are treated. In apartments and homes, we continue to sleep in our beds in order to draw them out to cross pesticides, so it stands to reason that in hotels, they keep renting the rooms even though the problem is not resolved. How can it be? I wish someone would explain this to me!

2 nobugsonme August 27, 2007 at 2:20 am

Yes, Nomo, I was wondering the same thing. I am not sure how it can work.

Maybe some of the professionals will give us a hint.

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