New Britain, CT: how can building managers turn a good building bad? Ignore the bed bugs.

by nobugsonme on August 4, 2007

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A story of bed bugs in New Britain, CT apartment complex, where building manager denies the problem, and Orkin insists only an entire-building fumigation (presumably with Vikane gas) will work.

Erica Shaw, Orkin customer service representative, said the problem should not be taken lightly.

“It’s a serious problem,” Shaw said. “They are not the easiest to get rid of. If one tenant has it in their apartment, they risk the chance of wasting their money because they come back again. They should fumigate the apartment complex. It can get worse if not treated.”

Bed bugs are increasingly becoming a problem, she said, adding that they are everywhere, from hotels to cruise ships, dormitories, shelters and apartments.

[Tenants] The Langlaises say they have spent thousands of dollars on three sprayings through Orkin. The apartment complex didn’t offer to pay, they said.
The Langlaises have been posting fliers on the doors of other tenants of the complex to notify them of problem. On Thursday, as the Langlaises put up the fliers, the maintenance man tore them down, denying the infestation exists.

“Some people might not even know, the only way they would know is if they get really a bad infestation,” Gerald Langlais said.
Shaw agrees.
“Even if you spray one apartment, [bed bugs] could travel through the walls and go into another apartment and come back,” Shaw said.

The Langlaises have the right idea about trying to organize fellow tenants, something we often suggest here at Bedbugger, in cases where others in the building are (or are likely) infested, and landlords are not taking care of things.

As we suggest in the FAQ on organizing tenants, the Langlaises should put notices under the doors of neighbors, if possible, since landlords who don’t care enough about their tenants to get rid of bed bugs properly, are probably also not going to enjoy seeing them organize themselvs and inform one another.


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