Flea market nightstand: $10. Bed bug treatment: $3000. No more bed bugs: priceless.

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CBS2 news in Chicago reports that a family in St. Charles, Illinois, believes they got bed bugs from a $10 flea market nightstand. First the little girl, then mom Amanda Thor and the baby were all bitten by bed bugs. (Click on the top right to view the video.)

Less than a week after the infestation began Thor figured out that the nightstand was the culprit.

“So the $10 nightstand is now about a $3,000 nightstand,” Thor said after having spent thousands to have the bugs eradicated from her home.

Thor says at times she thought the bed bugs might actually take over her house.

“We really thought about boarding up and just moving,” she said.

Instead, Thor and her family had to leave their home for a day while it was sealed and treated.

The description says they evacuated for a day while the home was “sealed and treated”; this implies they had their home gassed with Vikane, though the article does not state this directly, and there may be other possibilities (such as thermal treatment).

It won’t be long before “flea markets” become known as “bed bug markets.”

1 Bugalina August 1, 2007 at 10:48 am

This doesn’t surprise any of us here. Where are the public health warning notices. IF this woman would have been forewarned she may have avoided this nitemare. Who should be accountable for not telling the American Public that bed bugs are in an epidemic ??? Federal, State, and County Health Officials are responsible and are to blame……
Question !!! I too honed in on how she said her house was “sealed” and that they had to leave for 24 hrs. ( I think this is what she said )…I live on Long Island. I know that Long Island is notorious for being expensive to live on, high utilities etc. BUT…How can the price of Vikaning a house be so varyed in price from Illinois to New York. Last Year I was quoted $25,000 – $30,000 to tent and vikane a small capecod. I was told that Vikane is a government regulated gas and can only be use for termites. Then I was given a contact number to have a UHaul truck vikaned. For the back of a UHaul I was quoted 1500 to 2000 dollars. My question is…Will someone who knows about Vikane please weigh in on this. How can a Vikane treatment vary so much in price from State to State OR was I really given a tremendously inflated figure. I would so much love to get legitamite info on this …As for the above post…People please stop buying any furniture at fleamarketss…

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