New Haven: another housing complex has bed bugs

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We recently reported the rise of bed bugs in the Crawford Manor apartments and the University of Bridgeport, both in New Haven, CT. Now another housing complex, Essex Townhouses, is infested, as reported by The article focuses on Kathyrn Abreu, 73, and her daughter Kathyrn Yukness. The mother, Abreu, says,

“I lost my 2-beds, lost most of my clothes, lost my shoes,” said Kathyrn.

The New Haven Housing Authority exterminated her apartment over the weekend after an entire wing of the Essex Townhouses on Quinnipiac Avenue became infested with the creepy critters.

The City has replaced Kathyrn’s beds and 2-sofas, but she says it is the second time in 2-years that she’s had some unwelcome house guests.

“It makes me nervous and I can’t take this stress,” said Kathyrn.

The 73-year old escaped this infestation without getting bit, but her daughter was not so lucky.

“It was bad, very bad. It was red,” said Kathyrn Yukness.

Yukness says last week her arms were unrecognizable before she sought treatment at the hospital.

It’s worth noting that Abreu may well have been bit, since the infestation spanned an entire wing of townhouses, and so it was not likely localized in Yukness’s room. You can be bit and not react to the bites with marks or itching.

1 James Buggles July 31, 2007 at 8:47 pm

Yukness — appropriate last name for the situation.

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