University of Florida researcher to study effectiveness of bed bug dogs

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Pest Control Technology Online reported last week that

FAIRFAX, VA.  The National Pest Management Association’s Pest Management Foundation recently awarded grants to the University of Florida’s Dr. Faith Oi to determine the effectiveness of canines as bed bug detectors and Clemson University’s Dr. Patricia Zungoli to study the giant needle ant, an invasive species that is emerging as a major pest problem in the Southeastern United States.

“The Foundation is very pleased to fund these very worthwhile research projects and proud that the results will benefit pest management professionals,” said Foundation Executive Director Gene Harrington.

Dr. Oi and Dr. Zungoli will highlight the preliminary results of their research at an educational session at the PestWorld 2007 Conference in Kissimmee, Fla., in October. Both projects should be completed next year, the Pest Management Foundation reports.

This is great news, and especially good news for consumers. I hope that Dr. Oi will be able to study dogs trained by more than one trainer, since it’s my hunch that effectiveness will depend largely on the skills of the dog and the techniques and skills of the trainer.

I am really looking forward to the results of this one!

Oh, and the giant needle ant does sound like a pest I don’t want to meet. I hope it’s “giant” and right in the open, and not good at hiding like a pest we’re more familiar with here at Bedbugger. Apparently the giant needle ant (aka the Chinese needle ant) is considered a public health threat.

Perhaps it’s time for a new motto:
“Bedbugger: giving you new things to worry about since 2006.”

1 joenobugs September 4, 2007 at 7:58 pm

According to the NESDCA website they are asking for more Dogs and Handlers for the Research, So if you know a Handler or Trainer they might want to give them call.

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