Bed bugs on the rise all over the UK

by nobugsonme on July 5, 2007 · 2 comments

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Bed bugs spreading fast in the UK, with the sharpest rise recently in Manchester.In today’s Daily Mail.

Travelers warned about bringing them home from warmer countries.

Nothing much unusual here…

1 Fedupandparanoid July 5, 2007 at 4:04 pm

‘The London Paper’, a free paper given out to commuters each evening also picked up this story this evening. The opening paragraph said ‘London is facing a bedbug plague according to new figures showing reported cases have soared by 60% in the last year.’ It then pretty much rehashed what was reported in the Daily Mail and featured a little box of bedbug facts. The more this issue can be brought to the public’s attention the better. ITV and The Times are also apparently working on possible bedbug stories. Education gives us all a chance to be proactive (awareness of what to check for, avoidance and if necessary quick action) rather than reactive (when you’ve already got them)

2 hopelessnomo July 5, 2007 at 7:06 pm

Yes, concerted education campaigns are what we need. So that people don’t waste so much time identifying their infestations, running around uselessly from dermatologist to dermatologist.

You know, when Sam Pepys came down with a rash–um, a few years ago :)–he didn’t say to himself, “quit stressing!” or “better have a word with my wife about our laundry detergent.”

Nooo. His first thought was of our little friends:

Whether the wind and the cold did cause it or no I know not, but having been this day or two mightily troubled with an itching all over my body which I took to be a louse or two that might bite me, I found this afternoon that all my body is inflamed, and my face in a sad redness and swelling and pimpled, so that I was before we had done walking not only sick but ashamed of myself to see myself so changed in my countenance, so that after we had thus talked we parted and I walked home with much ado […].

He was sick in bed for a few days following this, so it wasn’t bedbugs, but it’s the thought, and the vigilance, that count.

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