July 2007

Cincinnati: awareness spreading, funds needed to fight bed bugs

July 31, 2007

Cincinnati’s ABC9 did a spot on bed bugs Monday, and you can click the link in the top right corner of this page to watch it. It focuses on two stories: the St. Vincent De Paul Society, a social service agency, reports on the prevalence of bed bugs, how thoroughly they alter peoples’ lives, and […]

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New Haven: another housing complex has bed bugs

July 31, 2007

We recently reported the rise of bed bugs in the Crawford Manor apartments and the University of Bridgeport, both in New Haven, CT. Now another housing complex, Essex Townhouses, is infested, as reported by WTNH.com. The article focuses on Kathyrn Abreu, 73, and her daughter Kathyrn Yukness. The mother, Abreu, says, “I lost my 2-beds, […]

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Bed bugs in hotels: how to report (and check up on) bed bug infestations

July 31, 2007

This article from Walla Walla, Washington’s Union-Bulletin, offers the standard “local story on bed bugs.” It begins with Al Grable, local Pest Control Operator (PCO): While there have apparently been no official bedbug complaints lodged against any Walla Walla county motels, local residents can’t rest easily. Al Grable, owner of Agreeable Pest Control in College […]

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Does the Travel Tent prevent bed bugs from biting while you sleep?

July 30, 2007

Note: this article is originally dated July 2007. Please see the update below for links to user reports about this product and concerns about its effectiveness and the potential effects of bed isolation. Can you act as “bait” and not get bitten by bed bugs? Travel Tent I from Long Road Lou Sorkin said the […]

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Thermal treatment for bed bugs: bake the little B@#$%^&s!

July 29, 2007

Remember this Pest Control Technology Online article from January, which we blogged a few months ago? You may recall how Dr. Michael Potter comments on thermal treatments for bed bugs: STRUCTURAL HEATING. Elevating the temperature within buildings has been used to eradicate pests ranging from grain insects to termites. Structural and containerized heat treatments are […]

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Crummy bugs

July 27, 2007

It’s often so hard to refrain from calling the bed bug a more urgent and pungent name. You know, a name as in name calling, which can be therapeutic. Under the pretense of looking for Cimex L. in history, I’ve been trying to find some old timey slang that can help signify without offense. It’s […]

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New Yorkers: what happens when you call 311 with a bed bug complaint?

July 26, 2007

As New Yorkers know, if you have bed bugs in NYC, you have the option of calling 311 (the city information hotline) and filing a complaint about bed bugs in your rental unit. An inspector from the Housing and Preservation Department (HPD) will come to your home to inspect. More on that in a moment. […]

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Over at Apartment Therapy, the bed bugs are back, posing troubling questions for renters

July 24, 2007

Bedbugger has followed the great bed bug saga of Amanda at Apartment Therapy with intense interest, and we have been torn between grateful relief at the apparent bed bug savvy of some of Maxwell’s readers and deep concern over the continuing lack of basic bed bug awareness among the rest, our fellow New Yorkers and […]

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bed bugs at University of Bridgeport

July 24, 2007

Sounds like New Haven is getting mighty itchy lately. According to News Channel 8 (WTNH) in New Haven, University of Bridgeport’s North Hall has bed bugs. Graduate student Li-Wen Chen had so many bites she sought treatment at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. The school has fumigated the building, but students say another problem occurred when […]

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more on bed bugs in New Haven: they’re only using steam cleaning?!?

July 23, 2007

More on the New Haven case described here on Friday. A more recent article from News 8 in New Haven suggests that the The infestation started in one unit and moved to 14 other apartments. The city paid for hotel rooms so the professionals could come in and steam clean room by room, bed by […]

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how stealthy bed bugs can be

July 22, 2007

This Associated Press story from last week, from Columbian.com in Clark County, Washington, is in many ways a typical “now we have bed bugs here” story, found in all regional papers. But it ends with a PCO’s anecdote about the difficulty of discovering where bed bugs were hiding in a hotel room: “Finding them is […]

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Reno; and New Haven: bed bugs cause unsuspecting officials to run around like confused flour beetles

July 20, 2007

In Reno, they have so few bed bug cases, that the health department called three residents of an apartment complex to tell them their building is infested. (New Yorkers, are you laughing?!) Unfortunately, as Geralda Miller of the Reno Gazette Journal reports, the advice being given to tenants is not great: “They’re an indoor critter,” […]

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