More reasons to post a complaint about your bed bug hotel stay on

by nobugsonme on April 13, 2007 · 3 comments

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The people running the hotel are likely to be reading it.

1 wantmyskinback April 15, 2007 at 12:22 pm

I recently went to Florida via DELTA. There is no website that will talk about what airline has bed bugs, is there? But thankfully, the seats were leather. And the over head bins were plastic. I think I read an article on the Yahoo group from a PCO in the UK who says that bb’s don’t like leather or plastic. Anyway, I was panicked to stay in the apartment where I was going. So much so that I was going to have Doug Summers (and his bb sniffing dog, Abbey) drive all the way down from Tampa to case the place. But what I did, was pack a bottle of Steri fab in my suitcase. I also had all my things in tiny zip lock bags. The under garments, the (washable) tee shirts, etc, all packed nicely in zip locks. When I got there, I immediately sprayed the outside of the the suitcase with the Sterifab, before putting the suitcase in the rental car. I sprayed the seats of the rental car. drove to the apartment, and nicely unpacked (leaving everything in ziplocks) into the bathtub. I put my clothes in the washer and put on a robe. I inspected the mattress and boxspring, and saw NOTHING. I sprayed them though. And called Doug and canceled the appointment. I held my breath for 5 days. NO BITEs. By the 7 day I was tan and relaxed and time to go home. I easily packed and did the exact same thing upon returning home.
I will do the very same thing at a hotel. The only difference in the hotel is, if there are bb’s, I can ask for a different room. At the florida apartment, what would I have done if I’d found bb’s? I’d have to go to a hotel !!! And do my inspection there. And it becomes the cycle of a new way of life…. life with change, change about going outside and thoughts of risk and thoughts of possible “getting” them again is better than living in a rut, like I did all winter long.
Now that I am aware, and have all these wonderful websites and people to converse with (you all) and information about how to handle this problem…. I know I am not alone…. THANKYOU

2 buggedinbrooklyn April 15, 2007 at 3:27 pm

my leather couch has been the hardest thing to get bug free.
almost 3 weeks of no bites, yet there still might be bedbugs in it.

do they live on the leather? not that I can tell.
yet they will live in the padding, or the inside of the couch that has cloth, paddings, steal, and wood.

trust me, they loved my leather couch. maybe more then I do.


3 nobugsonme April 15, 2007 at 7:10 pm

HI Bugged,
I am sure the PCO WMSB mentions cannot be talking about leather sofas, because many people share your experience with one.
I’m not sure about whether bed bugs do or don’t “like” leather or plastic, but we’re also told they don’t “like” metal–though FWIW I’ve seen pictures of infested metal bed frames on

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