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Hey Bedbuggers,

One way we can make the bed bug situation better is by talking to reporters about what bed bugs are really like. I spoke to a reporter today about the blog, and she asked me to help her find some local folks to talk to about their bed bug experiences. You can be completely anonymous.

Reporter Meredith May of the San Francisco Chronicle is interested in speaking with people who have (or who have had) bed bugs. She’d most like to speak to San Francisco residents, but anyone in the region or even California as a whole would be good also.

If you’re willing to chat with her, please email Meredith May at

Time is of the essence–email her asap. She needs to talk to you before Friday at 5.


1 Edgie April 5, 2007 at 5:35 am

The BB problem in SF is complicated, as it is in many other cities. The difficulities are that, and these are not the only ones, there are not agencies or pest control companies that come on over and inspect for bed bugs- as they do for termites. My experience is that they will in situations that relate to a pest control program of treatment, but it gets complicated when an individual may want to have the situatuation accessed. A person can, and often moves all their belongings into a place that is infested with BB’s, it may be an apartment, or a home-house, condo. The internet PCO’s I’ve connected say to find a competent entomologist or PCO to do an inspection, I can’t find Entomologist in the phone book and the public health department doesn’t send inspectors over to check out whether you have BB’s, you have to have a bug or evidence of bugs for them to evaluate what is there. EVERYBODY SAYS to go to your dermatologist to have them evaluate what the red dots, spots or welts are on your body are- whether they are random, or in rows of 2-3-4 etc. I did. Scabies. Not. They do not know. Sometimes people do not see bugs. SF has a BB policy, new as of Sept. 06. Who will inforce it? Unless an individual has a reason to be concerned with this issue, they would not ask and a landlord, or seller may not/would not divulge an infestion problem. Buyer Beware, this problem is growing in SF. Travelers, and students should be concerned or at least be aware, these bugs are fierce. Thanks for, Bed Bug Registery, and Bed Bug City. Edgie

2 willow-the-wisp April 5, 2007 at 10:04 am

Hi Edgie I am “WILL-A-MEAN-A” I’m here in S.F. too–but u can just call me willow like all the fun loving yet very concerned and very educated folks on this very interesting bedbugblogsite do.
This Bedbugger blog is our friend. They have gone out of their way to support us by contacting Miss May.
But Edgie–I think the idea here–if you haven’t done so already–is to click the GREEN link directly above (next to the orange ‘share this”‘ message
By doing so you will be able to send an anonymous email directly to M. May. you can use your name from this site to do so. Miss may might be able to use some of our bed bug stories ANOnomoUSLY to augment her pending bed bug article due to come out soon very, very soon. Now … I clicked the little green “dingy” above and I sent Miss May my personal email telling her that I would participate–but only under the strictest anonymous conditions. (Some of us have serious yet unresolved legal issues) and so VERY anonymous is best for me.
If I could–I’d just get a fog-horn and stand outside the Mayor’s office and start screaming for him to come out and look at the little bed bug samples my trained bed bug killing killer hamster caught for me while I was recently vacationing in Brooklyn. I was taking a class in passive aggressive behavior regarding bed bugs and those aflicted with the little blood suckers.

MissMay has a deadline and “nobugsoneme-moe” the fabulous key master of this itchy scatchy site who also has a great sense of humor and is quite informed set all of this up for us Californian’s who are itching and itching to speak up straightforwardly and sucinctly.

If you haven’t clicked the direct link yet to email at the newspaper, Please do so ASAP.
You see Edgie … many many cities aflicted perhaps even more deeply than SF currently is–have already done what seems to be sweeping it all under the table as best they could.
But that only cost them million upon millions of sufferers and city dollars gone down the drain with the bugs–should you be lucky enough to kill one.
Shop and home owners are concerned.

Please help support sf AND HER NEWSPAPEWR ARTICLE by emailing her.

I have not heard back from her yet–yet I plan on being so anonymous, I’ll even get my name and the names of my buddies all screwed up to keep it cOmpletely anonymous.

Edgie–you have good reason(s) to edgy. Wheter renting owning or sluming it in the strteets: BB’s are everywhere in the downtown SF area. This means in a matter of months–it will be all over the avenues and outer districts where the many downtown shop keepers live with their families. Now I know that they don’t want the bugs in their stores–and I know they most definately don’t want the bugs in their hard-earned homes. What would all of that do to thier kids–the schools already stressed to the max finncially???
Click the button … go ahead and click it.
And again, welcome to fabulous site that nobody really wanted to join–but found some solace and support here at
Sounds like you’ve had some problem about renting or buying an infested place yourself that wasn’t advertised as bb infested.
Of course, most people don’t want to advertize like that–but they could do it and then sell their homea for say, 15% less and let the new owner use the saved money fro mthe discounted purchase to both rid themselves of the newly aquired residence that’s insfested but in a method they deem fit and most effective. That’s only so long as the sellers must also indicate exactl ywhat methods they tried to rid themselves of this redundantly re-occurring bug which feasts on the blood of unsuspecting victims who are fast asleep in their beds.

3 nobugsonme April 5, 2007 at 10:16 am

Hi Edgie and Willow,

Sorry, but you actually have to email Meredith May directly at the email above. You can copy and paste it into your email program. I expect she’s quite busy and not following our comments too closely, so she might not see this, and in any case, she’s looking for people to talk to!

As far as I know she’s still looking for more San Franciscans and Californians in general, so anyone who’s able should get in touch.


You need to call a Pest Control Operator (in the phone book)–they no longer want to be called “exterminators” but it’s the same profession– and call a PCO. They should inspect for bed bugs, which they have to do before treating for bed bugs.

SF does have a bed bug protocol and it should be enforced. You need to go to our FAQ for tenants here, scroll down to the San Francisco section, and click the link to read the PDF of the protocol. If you are a tenant who is not getting help for bed bugs, there are instructions in that document for getting the Health Board to inspect.


The”share” link is a completely separate issue–it allows you to forward ANY article on to anyone (via email) and it allows you to tag items with different systems like Technorati and and digg (different websites that track articles on the web.)

4 willow-the-wisp April 5, 2007 at 10:33 am

yes … I spaced .. it was like the last thing I did last night I opened up my yahoo email and I copied the email adrsss–sorry edgy, nobugs.

5 Doug Summers MS April 6, 2007 at 1:47 pm

You might want to try PesTec in San Francisco. They recently obtained a BedBugDog & should be able to assist you.

Doug Summers MS
MoldDog Environmental

6 Bugalina April 6, 2007 at 4:52 pm

Hi Doug…Its Deb…I was hoping to get this info from you in regards to Long Island NY…anyone reliable ??? I think you have my number…I’ll be back on Monday…Thank you as always for your help and concerns….

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