April 2007

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April 30, 2007

(Unashamed plug:) Please click the “This blog was nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award” button in the inside sidebar (just to the right at top), and vote for this blog in the two categories it’s running in: Best Health Blog and Best Blog About Stuff. It’s a great help if you vote in both categories, […]

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Just a week after I posted “Another journalist gets bed bugs,” here’s a third

April 29, 2007

Yet another journalist gets bed bugs. When I spoke to Meredith May of the San Francisco Chronicle, I told her I knew of one journalist who’d gotten bed bugs (months after a story s/he wrote, and with no suspected connection between doing the research on them and catching them, in case you’re wondering, as I […]

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Songs for Bedbuggers

April 28, 2007

I made a mix in iTunes, about the rise and fall and rise and fall of a bed bug infestation. I sent it to Jess, violating the unspoken rule of Bedbuggers that snail mail is generally a bad idea. I wish I could send you all a CD, but for now, the playlist will have […]

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Escaping tenants leaving crumbs, marking the bed bug trail

April 26, 2007

Here in NYC, many tenants won’t call 311, the city hotline, to report bed bugs, no matter how bad they get or how poorly the landlord is dealing with the situation. Elsewhere, people report fear of reporting their bed bug problems to building inspectors or public health, even though in most localities, landlords are responsible […]

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Apartment Managers attend bed bug conference in Cincinnati

April 26, 2007

We often hear from Bedbuggers in Cincinnati. Pest Control Technology Online reports of a recent bed bug conference in the region, called “Bed Bug University,” with 200 attendees (50 of them pest control professionals). The attendees were encouraged to hire PCOs to deal with infestations and inspections of other units. Entomologists including Michael Potter of […]

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NYC schools closer to having bed bug legislation

April 25, 2007

The Queens Gazette reports today that Assembly Member Gianaris’s bed bug legislation is out of the Assembly Education Committee, and thus closer to being in effect. This is a follow-up on an issue we’ve been following for a long time. Legislation by Assemblymember Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria) requiring notice of bedbug infestations to all parents at […]

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Bed bugs: not Smart Money

April 25, 2007

A reporter for the magazine Smart Money is looking to speak with bed bug sufferers about experiences with the PCO extermination process. Obviously, Smart Money is about finances, and he seems to be covering the consumer side of dealing with bed bugs. He writes, I’m interested in hearing what consumers should know, and also personal […]

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Homage to Catalonia, Props to Apartmenttherapy.com

April 24, 2007

Bedbugger has its first known non-Anglophone incoming link today from Quinspreus.cat. The domain name .cat tells me it’s in Catalan. And no sooner was I trying to find someone to teach me a few words of greeting in Catalan, than I discovered this: S’s excellent letter to Apartmenttherapy.com about bed bugs has been published on […]

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Another journalist gets bed bugs, bad

April 24, 2007

I once wrote a note to compliment a Canadian journalist whose newspaper piece on bed bugs was very good. S/he wrote back and told me that months after s/he researched the story, s/he got bed bugs too. I asked if s/he could have picked them up while doing research in an infested location, but the […]

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Apologies about “Ads gone wild”

April 23, 2007

Apparently a day or two ago, there were interstitial ads appearing as links to words in the text on the FAQ pages and elsewhere besides the main page. This happened as an error, and I did not know anything about it until a reader alerted me (Thanks FedUp). It’s not my intention to have hidden […]

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Bed bugs in a group

April 23, 2007

Bed bugs in a group Originally uploaded by louento.pix. Click on photo, then “All sizes,” then “Large” for the full glory of bed bugs, eggs (full and hatched) and feces. Thanks Lou!

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Bed bugs on tape

April 23, 2007

Bed bugs on tape Originally uploaded by louento.pix. A wonderful photo from Lou. Click the photo then choose “All sizes” and then “Large.” You should then be able to see eggs, feces, and bed bugs, all stuck to the tape.

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