Bed bug registries

by nobugsonme on March 31, 2007

in bed bugs, new york, usa

I had a glance at one of the two bed bug registries where you can and should report your infested building or hotel (both are linked on the far right sidebar at the bottom).

In the recent reports was listed: “E 75th Street 5th to Park Ave NYC NY 10021”

Fifth to Park Avenue: that’s two blocks, and two long ones at that. Not sure if someone was being creative or if the Upper East Side is a mess. (This was in the tentative “reports in the last 2 days” section at the bottom; I believe these are held there until they’re edited and placed in the registry–the site owner may well not use this data.)

One Bedbugger reported that Upper East Side socialites she encounters are complaining of bed bugs, so perhaps it’s true.


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