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by nobugsonme on March 26, 2007 · 52 comments

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I hope soon the forums will be up and working again. Until then, this is the ongoing thread where people ask questions about bed bugs, give us updates on their bed bug situations, and share ideas for fighting the little mahogany monsters. When it gets too long, I close the thread and start a new one to keep the conversation going. If you want to see it, the prior thread was here. To see all the Tales of Bed Bug Woe entries, click here.


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1 Bugalina March 27, 2007 at 8:46 am

BreakfastLunchanDinner…No Bugs asked this, but I will ask it again..Have you encased your Futon in a protective, sealed bed bug cover??? If the bugs are living inside the Futon mattress then there is no reason for them to venture out..they will bite and go back into the futon mattress. They will never be forced to pass over a chemical barrier. Also you must VERY thoroughly inspect your metal frame. Bed Bugs like to hide is screwheads..so inspect the frame and wash it and spray it with Murphy’s Oil Soap with Citrus. Also someone mentioned using alcolhol…I have heard from several people that alcohol does not kill them. You are better to use an enzyme contact spray like Kleen Free or Murphy’s Oil Soap. When I used a product called Sterifab it stained all of my wooden floors, furniture and my luggage. I now use enzyme sprays. These products must coat the bug directly in order to kill them . I like to use it when I am sitting for any length of time, all around my feet and shoes and lower legs. The enzyme shrivels up the outer waxy ectoskeleton of the bug. The newly hatched nymphs are hard to see, so this enzyme spray can possibly kill some of them if one is sitting for length of time, like at a computer. Pet Stores sell products with enyzymes in them. I don’t know if they work . It would be great if someone with seeable bugs could trap some and experiment. The product in pet stores is cheaper, its called Nature’s Miracle. I don’t know if it works but it contains enyzmes…

2 nobugsonme March 27, 2007 at 9:50 am

Again, I am glad everyone is participating, since this site would be nothing without all of you commenting — but I ask people not to recommend things that you do not know to work. For every person that comments on the site (and there were fewer than 10 yesterday), 390 other different people are coming on and reading. I’d hate for them to follow up on dead end leads. Inventiveness is a good thing, but you can easily waste your time while bed bugs breed.

I don’t think there’s any reason to assume a cleaner designed to break down puppy urine will break down insects. We heard that 90% rubbing alcohol works. I was in a 99c store the other day and saw one that was 25% rubbing alcohol. It stands to reason that simply buying “rubbing alcohol” is not sufficient.

It’s essential for new readers to understand that no one here, Bugalina included, got rid of bed bugs by using a contact kill (enzyme cleaner, 90% alcohol or murphy’soil soap) alone, without a whole bunch of professional-grade pesticides. These other things won’t hurt, but they are not enough by a long shot, and I’d hate to see you waste time thinking you can get rid of bed bugs this way.

And the reason I push PCOs is not only because its possible to hurt yourself and others by mis-applying things, it’s moreso because people can disperse and spread their bed bugs by applying pesticides incorrectly. Even following instructions, you can really mess things up (for example, repelling, rather than killing bed bugs, which makes your problem worse, because they come back). Please read the FAQs on doing your own pest control.

3 Bugalina March 27, 2007 at 11:05 am

Nobugs…I only mentioned the enzymes because there has been frequent mentioning of alcohol…Most alcohol is 70%…it is hard to find the 90% . If people do not take the time to read the label they will most likely end up buying 70%. AND the alcohol esp. the 90% definitely destroys fabric and wood…Whereas many people have used enzyme products and given first hand info. that the bugs shrivel up. Although enzyme products do not exterminate the bugs, they are but another tool in the arsenal to keep the poputlation down..a few tiny nymphs crawling, unseen on a sitting pair of legs, will have no chance to grow into a few live adults , if they get a good spray of enzyme on them…! There is an earlier post about paint thinner working..Yes bed bugs die from paint thinner but this is extremely flammable. I do think that enyme sprays have a certain place when fighting bed bugs. For example, spraying ones shoes before exiting or entering a home ( like your parents ) and spraying it around your legs in a car. I am pretty certain there were bed bugs in my car and I wish I had used the enzyme spray on my legs whlie driving. As a potential added benefit, Murphy’s Oil and the enzymes are also a good cleaning product, They do eliminate odors and clean stains and grease good. Again, if anyone could tell us that the enzymes in the less expensive pet products, are the same, and work the same., this would prove to be good info….saving money is so important because bed bug infestations cost all of us much more than we would like…Pesticides are the best way to go, and using a QUALIFIED PCO is the best way to go, but having some of your own, supplemental tools on hand, can possibly help to keep the bed bug population down.

4 S. March 27, 2007 at 12:18 pm

Hey guys, I wanted to give you an update because I saw my dermatologist yesterday. This is in reference to the post about lingering sensations, and the problems that many of us are having, not being certain if our new bites are actually new, or actually bites.

I am seeing things on my skin that look similar to my old bites. Some are white swelled spots, some are red raised bumps. Most fade within the day. None itch badly, and all are small. The majority are on my face.

My dermatologist has no experience with bedbugs, but he is a reputable dermatologist. He said that my skin is hypersensitive right now, because I have been bitten repeatedly by bugs. He said that hypersensitivity can cause old bites to flare up. I said, “Even if they are in new places on my body?” He said yes, those places could have been bitten before but I didn’t react then.

I asked if this could be a reaction to the chemicals. He said that a reaction to chemical would not be individual “bites” – it would be larger or even all over my body. Or it would look like a rash. It would not typically look like single insect bites.

I asked if it was possible to build up immunity to bedbug bites. He said no, not if they are puncture wounds. A person would not become immune to physical breaks in their skin. He said that one can become immune to scabies, but did not think it was likely that immunity would happen from something like bedbugs.

He said the main reason this sounds like skin hypersensitivity, and not new bites, is that I said the bites fade quickly. He said that little swellings or bumps are normal when people’s skin becomes hypersensitive, and that this can last for a long time. Whereas bug bites, he said, do not typically fade quickly. To this I said, “But I have heard that nymph bites do.” And he said, “Well, has that been proven?”

I had no answer. There seems to be an understanding among bedbuggers that adult bites are larger/more itchy/more long-lasting, while nymph bites can swell and fade in a day. But I don’t know if this has been proven, or where this concept began. Has anyone heard of experiments where nymph bites are shown to fade quickly? Has anyone proven that nymph bites are smaller? Do we really know or are we building on the musings of others? Just trying to challenge groupthink.

Furthermore, at what life stage do nymphs become adults? Is it not until the very last phase? If that were the case, then I could presumably have “nymph bites” from a single nymph for, say, four to five weeks, before it grew into an adult and suddenly started giving me big bites. Or do “adult bites” start sooner than that?

I know there might not be answers to these questions, and I also know this is just the opinion of one dermatologist in Chicago. Finally, I know that what I’m seeing may indeed be bedbug bites, nymph or otherwise. We are still doing everything we know to combat bedbugs in our house, cars, etc. We are treating every 2 weeks with chemicals, and are purchasing a good quality steamer to try steaming the couch (since my latest “bites” appeared on my back after sitting on the couch). So while I am trying to understand my own ‘phantom bites,’ I am concurrently taking steps to wipe out the jerks, just in case they are still there.

I truly welcome your thoughts. I may post this on The Bed Bug Resource and the yahoo group as well.

5 Fedupandparanoid March 27, 2007 at 12:38 pm

Thank you for the advice re my 3 queries re 1) repellent, 2) stuff for use on dog 3) no access to dryer. I have now had a visit from a specialist bed bug PCO and I thought the following might be useful info for other people (although most people seem to have access to a dryer – am I the only person who doesn’t!) He specialises in bed bugs, has done for several years and does about 6 properties a day, so I thought his comments might be valid to repeat. Nobugsonme – the PCO agreed entirely with you as regards the dog, so although I will keep washing her occasionally with flea shampoo and using the flea drops I won’t panic too much that she is spreading bb’s everywhere. As regards the dryer apparently if you don’t have one they recommend washing clothes on 60 deg celsius in a washing machine (which I do have thank goodness) I think that translates to about 140 deg Farenheit. Or 90 minutes in a dryer if you do have one. As regards insect repellent for the face, apparently I would be better off leaving another part of me exposed ie arm or something in the hope that they then don’t munch on my face. I have been encasing myself from neck to feet in a long nightdress tucked into pyjama bottoms tucked into long very thick socks and then putting a deet based tropical strength insect repellent on my face which doesn’t necessarily work for bb’s. You can also sleep with your head inside a pillow slip (while leaving another part exposed I suppose) Finally on the effectiveness of freezing the PCO recommends freezing in a chest freezer for 10 days and this should kill everything. I think it really does have to be a freezer not just very cold. I had taken an electric blanket off my daughters bed and wasn’t sure what to do with it but I could freeze it for 10 days then put it in the airing cupboard for at least two days to thoroughly dry and air. Not sure about that though I worry about getting electrical things damp.
Basically not much that most of you ‘old bites’ (as opposed to newbies I mean) didn’t know already but the washing thing may be useful to some.

6 Fedupandparanoid March 27, 2007 at 12:50 pm

Further to my previous post I should have said that asking these questions was supplemental to the PCO also treating two room professionally. I know it is expensive etc but I really think it is vital to call in a qualified PCO and then use all the other ways to reinforce what they are doing. In fact if you added up your time, the products you have to buy, the clothes, furniture, bedding etc you have to throw out and replace it may even work out cheaper (although I am not sure how much you have to pay inthe US – I did hear it was extremely expensive in places like New York)

7 Bugalina March 27, 2007 at 1:17 pm

There are multitudes of unanswered questions, and problems surrounding the bed bug plague. Unfortunately, No one is an expert. I did hire a PCO, and I paid them $3400.00 to treat the house, two times. The receptionist., and a man who was the onsite entomologist were kind and understanding. But two of the three techs, and an entomologist with whom I only spoke to on the phone, were rude and condescending. I continuned to get bit, even after the two treatments and thousands of dollars. People really should hire PCO’s,, if hopefully they are able to afford them, or they are fortunate enough to have a decent landlord, , but just the name PCO doesn’t mean anything…Its the company and person behind the name. I always put in bold font QUALIFIED PCO..The other day on a radio program the host said that the Bed bug business was turning to a “multi million dollar business”…ITcertainly IS… It is up to the consumer to do as much research and cull as much good knowledge in order to make certain that the PCO they hire, or their landlord hires, is QUALIFIED to treat and exterminate Bed bugs…just walking around a room with a pressurized pump spray, spraying only the baseboards isn’t going to get the job done. This is a forum which is “open minded”.It is important that we “groupthink” as “S” so aptly puts it….I cannot stress enough how much I feel that people need to research what needs to be done…and then do all they can to hire a company who , not only wants to make money, but a company who wants to satisfy their stressed out…bed bug clients…..I repeat..being a PCO means very little unless they are skilled, well-trained people who know what they are doing…

8 nobugz March 27, 2007 at 1:20 pm

I’m new to this bedbug conundrum. I am not entirely sure I have a problem, so I thought I’d try to get some advice. On Sunday morning of this past weekend I woke up with a series of about 6 bites on my lower back, 5 of them going up a straight line next to my spine and one of them off to the side about an inch. I have heard that bedbugs have been on the rise in New York City (where I live) so I was immediately worried. I did not get bitten the next night, but was still really worried because a friend told me that the straight-line pattern is a telltale sign of bedbugs. I read through the FAQs on this and other sites and on Monday afternoon I scoured my bedroom. I took all the bedding, mattress pads, etc to the laundromat to be washed in hot water and dried on hot. I rolled up my small rug and anything else dry-cleanable to be taken to the cleaners. I pulled everything out from beneath my bed and tied it all up in garbage bags. I vacuumed like crazy. I used a flashlight to check all the seams of my mattress, but didn’t find anything other than specks of dust that did not look like any pictures of molts or eggs or feces that I’ve seen. I vacuumed the mattress, then covered it with a vinyl zip-up covering and even taped over the zipper in case there were any holes in the seams. I checked around the boxspring and vacuumed it but did not see anything–there are no seams, really, and the top is covered in rubber and it all seems very well-sealed. I do not have a bedframe, just one of those metal things with wheels that fits into the boxspring. I vacuumed that as best I could. I checked around the floor and the molding and vacuumed that too. I threw out the vacuum bags. I slept last night on the bare vinyl mattress cover and wore lots of clothing and did not get bitten.

So my questions are:

1. Since I didn’t find any evidence of bedbugs, how do I know if I have them? Is there somewhere else I should check? Is there something about the bites that makes them distinctive? They are incredibly itchy, red, and are pretty big. There is a small raised bump in the middle of each one but this might be because I’ve been scratching.

2. I figure the only way to know if I have them or not is to wait it out and see if I get bitten again. I hear they sometimes don’t need to eat again for 5-10 days. How long should I wait before I can start to feel better?

3. I live in a large, mulit-unit apartment building with 3 roommates. None of my roommates have ever had a problem. I haven’t found the address on either of the registries. Did I bring them in? Do I inform my landlord or wait until/if I have further evidence? Will he blame me?

4. Since I don’t have evidence (actual insects, dead bodies, etc) is my landlord responsible? Is he responsible for paying my exorbitant laundry bills?


9 Fedupandparanoid March 27, 2007 at 1:43 pm

Oh gosh Bugalina I totally agree with your comments about finding a qualified PCO and also reinforcing whatever they do with whatever else you can and I’m really sorry if my previous comments sounded simplistic. Heavens I am certainly grateful for any advice and finding bedbugger.com has really helped me when I was fast getting things totally out of perspective. Although it did make me rather depressed at first I must confess, the thought that other people are out there suffering the same problems but mutually supporting each other is a great comfort . My comments about getting a PCO were in support of what nobugsonme had said and were really aimed at anyone who may not be sure what tack to try first because I do think if in doubt get a PCO but make sure you research whoever carefully (as per the FAQ’s) I know some bb problems sadly can be extremely difficult to eradicate through no fault of your own whatever you do. I should have made myself clearer but as with this being my first experience of bed bugs it’s also my first experience of writing on a blog!

10 willow-the-wisp March 27, 2007 at 1:50 pm

thanks nobugsonme–it is true the law is on my side, yet my hotel I live in is odd, and my situation is odd–. This is why I am opting to do it myslef. As well Most of my neighbors are all chinese speaking and elderly. A few have moved out recently (below was evicted–and across from me went back to China.) All good suspect reasons at to why I so suddenly was inundated with them.
Also … I do use the 91% alcohol–when I can find it.
I WOULD let the PCO come in–if I had the finacial resorces to rent a space to store stuff of particular value: but here is a gruesome thought from SF: last week I went to a storage facility and while looking at a unit: a bug of some sort fell from the ceiling and landed on my neck. So the storage facilities don’t seem to be an option.
If things get worse in stead of better–as they are getting I will let the PCO in.

There is even the possiblity they are trying to entrap me–they don’t like me here becasue I’m a retired nurse and have reported them for abusiveness to seniors on two occassions–but I warned them ahead of time I was going to do this: They really really seem to hate me and feel they can do whatever they like. it is a hud building and they don’t follow rules. 10 or 15 people have been evicted before I reported them. people still get evicted only now they seem to find paperwork they should have had for the others.
And that story goes on and on–so I do have specific reasons for doing this myself. I’ve read the SF FAQ from the SF board of health–it is just not feasible. I do my best to debug and double bag everything I dump.
So let me say for the record: I do recommend profsional PCO’s over what I’m doing. When the monthly pest control guy comes in about 10 days–he may have additional instructions or advice but I doublt it. he might just as be likely to say you have not followed the guidlines and we are reporting your unit as untreatable. I fear this as much or as more as I do the bugs.
on a positive note– I am seeing less and less evidence, I did report to management I had bb’s. They gave me two cans of raid stuff and 10 bucks for laundry. WHOOPIE.
I will lok for 91% alcohol with the 30.00 a buddy lent me yesterday: I am semi disabled 53 and even though this makes it seem like I have more rights–in theory, indeed … the truth–is just the opposite.

Anyway–I’m hanging in there: At least I’m spraying the alcohol spreading some diatect using the carpet tape–isolating the bed and I’m not yet ready to drink the rubbing alcohol to my death. I am not that desperate not yet.
BTW–I put a nice dose of diatect at the front dsoor to try and keep from spreading it to others. I have not seen one in 10 days–and ony one or two bites during that time that I am aware of.
As soon as the vacume cleaner parts come–I can vacume till the cows come home. until then I am doing the best, most logical thing I can think of–besides freaking out like I did the first few days.
I appreciate this site immensly
Thanks to everyone who has advised me, and I hope some of what I’ve said has helped someone

11 Bugalina March 27, 2007 at 2:04 pm

Fedupandparanoid, I wasn’t even thinking about your comment when I wrote that post PLEASE do not think so. I was just making my point in that hiring just anyone with the title PCO is not enough.because recently on the Yahoo Group people have commented on the poor quality of their PCO’s. People need to hire GOOD PCO’s and they also cannot sit back and think that someone coming in and spraying is all that needs to be done, fighting these bugs is a war. And , getting them down to a zero population is not easy. It is done, but it takes time and effort. Basically it’s a “buyer beware” world….the more you supply yourself with knowledge the more informed you will be. Bed bugs are a hideous pest and in my opinion there isn’t a decent product out there yet to kill them. Having to treat 3-4-5-6 times is crazy…but it’s all we’ve got for now. Please again, I wasn’t at all referring to your post. My heart goes out to you. Having Bed Bugs has changed my life, I am unfortunately a very clean housekeeper, and I like control of my environment. Coming up against bed bugs has rocked my world !!!
And, this is the first Blog I ever joined…

NOBUGZ…It sounds like you did a lot of good stuff. Your bites do sound like the classic bed bug bites. Did you sleep anywhere other than your apt. recently? You should approach your landlord because there could be, unbeknownst to you, infested apts. in your bldg.. Disclosure to other tenants should be made a law. Don’t place blame, it won’t help, just be vigilant and keep cleaning and looking. You can get some DE and a hand bellows and puff it into your electrical outlets and around the perimeters of your room..Someone is advertising a good kit on this Blog. As for your laundry bills, no, your landlord will only be responsible for the apt. extermination..

12 willow-the-wisp March 27, 2007 at 2:39 pm

reply to some of you: I did catch an adult bug in fair health–and placed it into a plastic coffe jar. I added about a tablespoon of diatect and it did die in about 8 minutes.
it really stands to reason that the nymph bites would be less irritating becase it is the saliva they inject to numb you and the anticoagulants in the saliva that people become, or are sensitive to. Since nyphys are smaller–we don’t kow the definitive answer–but it seems highly logical that they inject less of these chemicals.

Another thought/ question: If we are the bait-and if just our exhaling co2 and body heat is the bait–then y bother exposing any part of your body at all if you can help it?
murphy oil … glad that was brought up:
I posted this question about bed bugs on yahoo 360 and that is how I found this website link:
I have no idea if any of these following things work–but this is what the advice I got was. Any and all feed back with direct experience would be helpful, but some of this sounds offbeat:
1–try burning sulfer in the room
2–essential scented oils put into the laundry and on the bedding–such as found in a health food store … not perfumes–but five or six drops of rosemary oil in the laundry. lady said pests hate essential oils.
make worwood tea and spray it all around everywhere–and of course someone said I shoud just move.
I must say–these all seem far fetched and I agree with nobugsonme–y waste your time suggesting–so I’m not suggesting these … I’m asking has anybody actually tried rosemary essential oils in the laundry, OR spraying strong wormwood tea or burning sulfur?

13 S. March 27, 2007 at 3:26 pm

Hey Bugalina,

I need to clarify something. The term “groupthink” refers to a phenomenon seen in the movie Twelve Angry Men. A bunch of people get together, and they pass their ideas around and around, until everyone believes them to be fact. The group starts out with different opinions, but in an effort to please one another, their viewpoints converge.

We don’t mean to do it, but it’s been documented in social experiments. It happens.

Groupthink is a bad thing. It leads to the spread of misinformation. We don’t want to have groupthink here on bedbugger, if we can help it.

So I’m constantly trying to challenge the concepts that many people present as fact.

Willow, thanks for the rational thought about nymph bites being smaller. I don’t dispute this logic. What about proof, though – anyone heard of this being tested?

14 nobugz March 27, 2007 at 3:41 pm

Thanks Bugalina. I have not slept anywhere else in the past few months, nor obtained any new furniture, nor traveled anywhere. The only thing I can think of is that on Saturday night, the night I got bitten, I rode in a taxi. I can’t imagine what else it could be.

One other question– I have a wooden chair with vinyl covering that sits next to my bed. It has lots of little crevices. Should I toss it or is it possible to clean/disinfect?

15 wantmyskinback March 27, 2007 at 5:42 pm

I am down in Florida in what I think is a bug free apartment at the moment, visiting from NY.
I still have “single” bites or bumps (that DO NOT ITCH) or leftover reactions and there is NO WAY that I am being bitten here.
So….. ???? I’m perplexed.
When I get back, if there is a bump somewhere on my torso that can be biopsied, that won’t show too much and show a scar, I am going to do it…to see if there are bug cells in the bump.
A biopsy can’t determine what type of bug, only that it is a bug…. and if it is a bug, then I have to start extermination all over again. If it is not a bug, then it has to be PAPULAR URTICARIA…which is what your dermatolgist seems to be describing as well…. in addition to dermogrpahic urticaria, wich is skin writing (my skin forms histimines to protect itself because it is highly sensitive, so even scratching a little bump will turn into a large raised welt for a few days).

16 willow-the-wisp March 27, 2007 at 7:22 pm

I feel the little lingering stuff too. I attribute it to a combo of overactive imagination, chemicals being around–sheets perhaps washed with and doused with too much rubbing alcohol and nerves can just make you itchy.
Rembmember–I’m on meds to keep me from being itchy–yet I feel the little crawling sensations too.

Since I’m on an PM antihistimie that I am pretty sure–but not positive–is why I don’t really react to the bites at all (I stopped taking it for several days and started to react–so I started taking it again) so far … no reactions.
But I’ve also turned my room into somthing just short of a toxic chemical waste dump for certain products SO MAYBE i’M JUST NOT BEING BITTEN–EITHER WAY … MY SKIN SHOULD NOT BE ITCHING BECASE OF THE ATARAX i’M TAKING.

I’m mainly using Diatect powder and 91% rubbing alcohol:

But I’ve decided to take back whatever power I might have over the situation. That is why I am posting this message. really:with so many people reporting so many problems with return bb visits–I think I and some others need to remember this:
As the live bait, and being much smarter than any bb we have power in that fact.
Also to some degree–I can control where the bugs go by
a–where I go (or decide and choose not to go in my place)
b–where and when to spread chemicals or move things (with much more reason than I had been in the VERY BEGINNING.).
c–I can suddenly decide to not use my rubbing alcohol for a while … but only in certain areas … let a few nymphs and andults–if I have any that are not totally cornered behind a few things–I cna jsut let a few gather there … as if they have found a safe place. then: I can nuke from inside out. I have some power by choosing the best area to do this in too.
It is like the opposite of keeping a few clean zones … A few “dirty zones” might attract the bb’s I can’t see, and then I can get them better.
When I get the vacuume parts–I’ll have a lot more power too!
I can choose to vacuume and chemically treat in such a way so as to move the bugs into a center area … smaller and smaller–then drop the bomb on them making sure that when they start running–they will run into other chemicals or barriers I have pre planned.
I’m not being too clear, here … let me use this alalogy:

let me word this a different way:
imaginge a dart board:
The center is the place that has had the least amount of treatment from me, and is liely to harbourt more nymphs that other, more treated areas. imagine I drop some DE or Diatect product on the outermost circle of the dart board FIRST–then start in the middle and wouk outward circularly. When the run–they will eventually hit the powder I had pre-set at the perimiter. This Diatect will tend to dry them up and cut their exoskeletons.
I have power–but … I also need so much patience, and finding a few 100 buck would help too.
Thanks to all, and, bye for a few days:
I’m all bugged out!

Will 🙂

17 scaredsilly March 27, 2007 at 7:34 pm

My husband discovered a few bites on his body about a week ago – 3 spread out on his leg (two on his calf, one on his thigh) and two or three on his arm, near his armpit. We haven’t seen any bugs and don’t have stains anywhere. We live in an apartment in New York, though, and I know it’s a problem in NYC. So I still freaked out completely and haven’t been sleeping much, and just to be on the safe side we had an exterminator come. The exterminator searched everywhere, taking the mattresses off the box springs, etc. and he found no evidence of bed bugs.

So two questions: First, he’s sending someone to put traps down, just in case – are there such things as traps for bed bugs? Is this just another way to double check we don’t have them? Secondly, if we don’t have bed bugs, as seems to be the case (and God-willing it’s actually true!!!), what could my husband’s bites be from? Are there other types of bites that are often confused with bed bug bites? Even though the exterminator found no evidence of bed bugs, if my husband finds more bites I’m not sure I’ll calm down about this. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

18 willow-the-wisp March 27, 2007 at 8:00 pm

here is one more thing I discovered by accident. it comes from hindsight and occurred the first few days I discovered I had bed bugs all along the zipper seam of the smaller black colored mattress I have which is directly under a slightly larger sized white colored mattress:
BTW–I am an oil painter and often put painter’s tarp across my bed while painting at home:
One night–the night I killed the most adult bedgus while sleeping on my bed I think it was three–this is what happened:

I had been on a painting roll … Since I was painting only little details–I did not mess up the plastic with any wet paint and I had been painting for hours and hours: I decided to heck with it– y not just sleep in your clothes ontop of the heavy plastic.
my point–body weight rolling over on an adult who is on the plastic–as opposed to soft linen–can’t apparently from my expericnce–just slip away–they are I think much more easily detected as being in a mattrtess as well as killed while you move in your sleep.
It is actually the way I discovered the 50 adults on the lower mattress a day or two later. it was what got me to start checking. i had been in a bit of denial and had decided they were just some weird migratory bugs that looked a bit like cocaroaches.
Think you’ve got then in your bed but arn’t sure … sleep in your clothes on top of very heavy dudy plastic and allw room for them to get up on the bed.

in three days … i’d bet money you’ll find something if you’ve got them.
chow bellas

19 nobugsonme March 27, 2007 at 8:08 pm

Good luck with your war. One comment: to my knowledge, alcohol has no repellent properties. It kills on contact when you spray bugs. But when you are not spraying them, they are not going to “avoid” the area. (Unless, perhaps, its wet.)
It’s a shame you don’t feel you can have a PCO treat without stealing your stuff (you could stay and watch, if you get a respirator mask?) It is likely your room will become more and more infested no matter what you do, unless its treated. I hate to say it, but a multi-unit with no treatment anywhere does not look good. And, sadly, this is true whether its just your unit treated or none: they’re probably everywhere. If so, they need to tent the entire building and gas it with Vikane, if that’s legal in SF. Could you make an anonymous report to the health dept?

Bugalina–Your 11:05 am comment (!) is not in disagreement with mine. Read what I said again. When I asked people not to recommend things that are not known to work, I was referring to both your suggestion to use a product designed to break down dog urine, as well as Willo’s suggestions about ant traps–things not known to work for bed bugs. If someone finds they do work, they can recommend them.
It is also necessary to tell someone (TM I think) who appeared to be planning to use a contact killer alone that this is not a good only-method. Period. We need to be conscious of the many, many people who read every plug for something as implying it will be enough. And if you’re going to mention them, then do, please, in every post, remind people they’re not enough, just like I keep saying that they can help and don’t hurt! You do not need to defend enzyme cleaners. Everyone is touting them. If you google bed bugs, they’re a huge percentage of the results. Let’s give people the full story here.

FedUp–We have read that if you cannot wash and dry, then drying alone is sufficient. However, here in the States, none of the professional advice I’ve seen says washing on hot alone is sufficient. Many people here also have to go somewhere to use a dryer. But it sounds like you’re too far from a launderette. However, if your PCO recommends washing alone, then perhaps he’s seen that work. We’re told by the literature that washing only dislodges them, and the dryer kills the bugs and eggs. (Eggs are hardier.) You can only do what you can, but a chest freezer is going to help if you have one. If you are washing at home, can you hang up clothes outside? Hanging them inside will be a problem. They should be sealed in plastic (at the site) immediately after drying and kept in a sealed bag (as per the FAQs). Clothes indoors, unprotected, are a place bugs can hang out and lay eggs.

S– thanks for sharing your experience with the doctor. Your doctor is wrong about one thing s/he said about bed bug bites–they’re not JUST puncture wounds. The swelling and itching are allergic reactions. I’m not a doctor, but I believe this is the main problem with bed bug bites, rather than the puncture itself. It’s why some people are bitten and don’t even notice the bites–they are not allergic!

I have read elsewhere (and not from bedbuggers but a more reliable source!) that its possible our reactions to them change over time. (I wish I had the source handy. and I will keep my eye out for it.) That’s not to say you can’t be experiencing lingering or phantom sensations. But you and WMSB have been fighting a long battle with bed bugs and it is quite likely a few are still around.

I have often said that I can’t make any assumptions about which bites on me have been from adult bugs, nymphs, whatever. We simply do not know. Anyone who makes a claim that such-and-such was a nymph bite, because it was small, or dark red, or didn’t itch, is just speculating. I have experienced all these types as well as larger ones, but never the dime-szed welts.

It is impossible to know if you are experiencing a phantom or lingering reaction, so I am very glad you’re still treating. For what its worth, I think time is the only thing that will tell. Also, I don’t recall anyone reporting this experience for very long. If you’re infested, you’ll know soon. Black specks: they can’t be imagined or conjured by our skin, alas.

The lingering itching experiences Will describes throughout a regular infestation are different–and horrible. They’re what make so many people come on the blog and say “they’re biting me all day long!” which isn’t the case. It feels like they’re biting often because our skin is sensitized. The brush of a hair feels like a traipsing bug.

Anyway, I don’t mean to have sounded negative about what sounds like a good dermatologist experience. My own doctor and dermatologist were clueless about bed bugs. I am just skeptical about their knowledge of this condition, since almost none of them have been trained in it (though this is currently being done, slowly–we’ve mentioned it before here: put “dermatologists” in the search box).

Even PCOs and entomologists don’t always know more than we do about all this. You’ll find they have different information they’re familiar with, and will contradict one another (eg on the Yahoo group). We need more research, and we need those folks to listen to us. We know some things–though the source of these sensations, and which bug caused which type of bites, we don’t know– and your post is a helpful reminder to avoid jumping to conclusions, or group-think.

Nobugz–I can sense people are going to get a bit confused about you and me right about now! Anyway, there’s no reason to think YOU brought the bugs in. They can come in through a number of channels including people’s stuff, shopping, visiting others, travel, and neighbors (often). The bldg not being on the registries means nothing since there are only about 90 NYC addresses there, and there are way more infestations. Read the FAQs. Look for cast shells and black specks or black smudges in bed or elsewhere. Pinpricks of blood (can be tiny) on your white sheets. If you have one or two bugs, you can go a while before being bitten again. look for other signs. Cover your mattress as per the FAQs. Consider putting down some freshwater diatomaceous earth in a light coating. Read the FAQS carefully.

20 nobugsonme March 27, 2007 at 8:09 pm

Scared– glue traps. Don’t always work, esp. with small number of bugs. But try. Read FAQs for info on other signs, cover your bed (everyone–even those without bbs should!) and see my comments to Nobugz in previous comment by me.

21 Bugalina March 27, 2007 at 9:14 pm

Good advice on all counts nobugs..you are doing a good job…I predicted that this Blog was going to see a lot of action…unfortunately…it is ..
NOBUGZ…that chair…if it has tremendous sentimental or monetary value then you have to inspect it thoroughly and clean it down thoroughly …You can spray it down with Murphy’s Oil with Citrus…heavily…Because you say it has a lot of cracks and crevices you must realize that this tranlates into ..Lots of hiding places for bed bugs….realize that, treat it accordingly ! If it is of no value then chop it up…outside..and throw it away…I have learned to live minimalistically because of bed bugs….Keep what you need and must..and rethink everything else…

22 nobugsonme March 27, 2007 at 9:31 pm

Whatever you do, don’t move the chair elsewhere in the house. Anything in the bedroom should stay put unless its destroyed and discarded outside. People move stuff (incuding themselves!) to other rooms and suddenly, the living room, the roommate’s room, are infested.
If you get a PCO in to treat quickly — if that’s what you decide to do– it may be small and may not spread to your other stuff. Thoroughly vacuuming bedroom, bed, and frame, and washing all bedclothes and comforters, pillows– have been known to work in those small infestations, so its worth a shot.

23 nobugsonme March 27, 2007 at 10:29 pm


The forums are now working, so I suggest you post any replies as new topics in the forum INSETAD of below. If you’re registered here, the login works there. Click forum button at top of this page, or click here. If you’re not loggged in or registered, you’ll see a prompt.

Each of you can start your own thread if you have a question or story, or just reply to someone else’s. Remember to start a new TOPIC if what you’re posting does not relate to the current one.

Let’s experiment with the forums and see if they better meet the needs the “Tales of Woe” threads do.

The Tales of Woe will move to the forums, but other posts will still happen on the blog, so don’t forget to come back 🙂

24 scaredsilly March 27, 2007 at 10:30 pm

Thanks for responding! So even though our exterminator didn’t find any evidence of bed bugs on the mattress or box spring, you suggest we still cover the bed. I’m assuming that means mattress and box spring, correct? Also, I see that most people recommend getting the more expensive covers from National Allergy – do you think this is necessary to spend that much money even though we might not have bed bugs at all? Should I try a cheaper brand or should I rather be safe than sorry? Along the same lines, do you suggest getting pillow covers too just in case? I’m also a little confused why covering the bed can prevent bed bugs in the first place. If we’re pretty sure the mattress is okay – because the exterminator said so – then what does covering do? I understand that if you actually have them it suffocates them and prevents them from biting you, but if they’re not there in the first place? If you end up bringing bed bugs into your home with already covered beds, wouldn’t they just go on top of the covers?

Also, although my husband thinks I’m overreacting, I’d feel better by washing and drying our linens on hot, like you suggest. But since we may not have bed bugs at all, should I go through the effort of washing EVERYTHING? Like maybe just our sheets, but not necessarily the decorative pillow covers? Again, better be safe than sorry? I don’t mean to sound repetitive – I did read the FAQ, but I’m just not sure what to do since it seems we have a good chance of not having them at all.

25 nobugsonme March 27, 2007 at 11:05 pm

Hi Scared– read the FAQs about covering mattresses and box springs. You have to decide for yourself if you want to be cautious. Everyone should have a covered mattress because they prevent dust mites (which everyone has) and also if you ever DO bring bed bugs in to the home, they will not install themselves in your mattress. I would wash everything on the bed. But you must decide for yourself. But understand that a PCO may miss signs of a VERY small infestation (if you really did just get bed bugs), and it does not mean you do not have them. They’re hard to find. A few of them (early stages) even more so.

You should read the FAQ about “What are bed bugs?” because it mentions some other insects which may have caused the problem, as you asked.

If you respond–please go to the forums!

26 nobugsonme March 28, 2007 at 1:14 pm

Now lots of people are asking questions on the forum…

27 willow-the-wisp March 29, 2007 at 1:45 pm

A little more about the lingering sensations and QUALIFIED PCO’s DERMATOLOGISTS AND EVEN DENTISTS:

18 years ago I got scabies–I got if off a couch the landlady was “nice” enough to leave in the apt when I moved in. I was just a kid. A few people have made reference to the brkfst lnch and dinner marks IN THE bb BITES.
This is also sort of true with scabies … they tend to jumb under the skin in rows that sometimes wind up looking like Q marks.
2 doctors had no Idea what I had and then … a $120 visit to a Dermatologist–diagnosed me in a 3 minute visit.
So … I had gone to 2 GP Docs and had had classic scabies marks for four months–before they were properly diagnosed.
With the scabies sensitivity–it is very common to wake up itching in the middle of the night–and I had lingering senstation exactly like what I’m having now … but it was like 10x worse. (Possibly becase it had gone on for so much longer than the BB’s.) At the time I attributed my long term itchy and scratchy show symptoms it to the “quell” you have to rub on and leave on for a while before washing off.
Here’s another example of misdiagnosing.
4 years ago–A few ENT’s could not diagnose my TMJ–(terrible jaw problem that is exceedingly painful.)
But after reading up all I could on it … I found out I had like 8 out of the 10 main reasons for getting TMJ … And I had mentioned many of theseto these docs.
Finally getting a new GP medical doctor … he prescribed a low dose of an old med called Amytripyline. One of the drugs side effects–is that people who clench or grind thier teeth at night will often stop that–which is good to alleviate the TMJ.
My Point:
For the last 4 years I have mentioned this Amatrypline to every single Doc and Dentist I have gone to. About 7 of them … but not one of them had ever even heard of this trteatment.
So how can you tell for sure–who’s QUALIFIED … when the Doctors, the PCO’s and even the Dentists, often don’t seem to know basic stuff–that they are supposed to know?
BTW–not one Doc or Dentist thanked me … and they all seemed a bit condescending about my suggesting the Amytriptline to them for their other TMJ sufferers.

PS … I am also a former pro Nurse as well as an Oil Painter.


28 nobugsonme March 29, 2007 at 8:35 pm

Will, did starting a topic in the forums not work for you?

29 willow-the-wisp March 29, 2007 at 8:59 pm

no its not that–I’m just saying I “tried” as an expression:
It’s there, topic open for discussions for anybody–but especially for poorer people, people in the inner cities, people in subsidized housing or in rat infested hotels with bed bugs on top of everything else that ails them.
It’s there for low budget folks and for suggestions on how to save money.
For instance, I just decided that since my new steamer is soooo powerful, but since I’ve already encased my matress in very heavy painter’s tarp–then sealed it shut with duct tape: I can now use the steamer on that–to blast any little bugs off it had they somehow managed to get up on my clean bed. remember our rooms are cramped and small in these hotels. it was difficult for me to isolate the bed. I only have about two feet all around mine free and clear of anything.
So … in 15 days … becasue, as you know, we sometimes have to continue the protocols of ridding ourselves of them for months–months after we haven’t seen any or been bitten, I will have saved money.
I simply improved upon what I had been doing–it’s more convient than
using up to 2/3 of a spray bottle of 91 % alcohol to keep my bed as “sterile” as possible every day. That was costing me about 15 bucks a week.
besides … the people at walgreens and rite aid are starting to look at me funny …. you can see it in some of thier faces …. what’s this guy doing with all of that91% rubbing alcohol anyway ..?
I use the alcohol ofr BB control–I try to keep the little one’s (the instars) from biting me–so that they can’t progress to the next stage of growth.
As everyone else probably does–I too destroy as many of them as I can before they get to the easily seen but happy to lay and egg on your seets or in some dark corner of your place stage.
I can also blast the duct taped blankets–they are thin enough to have a good seamer be effective. All of that bagging and draggign to the laurtymatt.
I can cut back on that too!
your fabulous!

30 Dan March 30, 2007 at 9:30 am

Pretty soon theyre gonna start making us show IDs for this 91% rubbing alcohol! Ha..its ajoke. My roommate was ID’ed at a drug store when she bought allergy medecine PLUS she had to sign a waiver saying she wouldn’t make Meth out of it. Who even knew?!

Anyway…when i was living in infestation in my old home, my bed frame housed many little buggers. It was a metal frame, just one of the very basic ones on wheels, i dont even kjnow how they got up the wheels, but whatever, i probably put the bugs there for them to live.

So, i saw that they were nto only in the folds of my mattress but also in the frame, you just cant escape them! They were sprayed by the PCO and…dead..little bodies everywhere.

Now, I think the rubb8ing alcohol i was using was 75% now that i think of it, and the PCO that told me to use it never said anything about which %, i didnt even know they made those. I also do think that i had a 90% one too, but i sprayed it on one bug that i taped to the wall, and it “died” and then the next day it wsa wiggling again.

I reccommend vacuuming a lot, i am still doing it in my new place, but its been 2 weeks (?) i think since i saw one of my random ones that i must have brough, but it has been forever since i have had a bite. I do have bumps on my skin, but i have always had these (im hairy and im a guy and sometimes we just have these bumps for our whole lives, they dont itch and they dont look or even feel like bug bites..theyre more like pimples or permanent goosebumps but sometimes turn dark red and sometimes purple then way they go).

Anyway….Diatomaceous can be pretty cheap and so far i feel it is effective. By all means do not think of it as a quick fix, its not, but it feels promising. I live with hard wood floors and if they are living in the cracks, i just swept some DE over the whole floor and IF any were hiding there, then they were exposed. if they weren’t they would then have to cross the chemical border and through a very light dusting of DE to my dusted bed frame and up on me (i sweat like a pig at night and breathe heavily so im sure they know im there), which means they have to cross all of this stuff to get to me, in every room. No one else lives in the bulidign i am in so if they go into another apartment then they will be sadly mistaken. No food for them! I suspect the others will be empty for a while, my current home was empty for 6 months and its a beautiful apartment..its just not a popular place to move to.

So anyways..i reccomend DE powder AFTER you have been treated (but then again i would ask the PCO if its ok to do) and you NEED TO USE IT SAFELY. Meaning with a mask. If you dont have one of those puffer things, i read somehwere to use a turkey baster and yes it works basically the same.

I also found out DE is in flour? I wonder if its true. Anyways, i dont want to encourage people to do soemthing that is n ot right, thinking it will solve everything, but im just saying..i have a good feeling about my new home and i wanted to share. I may still find some (I always found my bugs crawling someplace..they dont hide from me cuz they think we are friends), but for now its been good, and hostile living.

31 bbwarrior March 30, 2007 at 12:12 pm

Has anyone had their PCO use Phantom? Mine used it and insists it’s cutting edge although not yet labeled for bb’s. It killed all visable adults, eggs etc…but after exhaustively seatching, cleaning, throwing out, washing & drying I found one the night my daughter was to sleep in her room for the first time in 2 1/2 months! We sprayed again, sealed all cracks and crevices, pulled apart whatever was bagged up and checked new bed and mattress. They are insidious! The one we found, right out on the dresser (it was not there 5 minutes before) was a starved looking adult. I have never found more then a total of 8 live after exterminating, and about 15 before, and never any live eggs, or babies but one was all I needed to find to start the intensive search and destroy all over again. I live in a single family detached house and hope the 3 treatments of the entire house will be enough. Please let me know if anyone else has used Phantom and the results you have had. My house has been in chaos since Feb. 2. I think my step daughter brought them in because 2 months before I found them, she had TONS of bites and I made her go get them checked. The doctor confirmed they were bites, but did not say what kind. I checked her bed and found tiny blood spots and black dots but no live bugs, and my husband said I was crazy. Well, she moved out and my younger daughter found them in her bed. My step daughter hangs out at clubs that have couches and lounge chairs and I just know that’s where they came from. I have not had any bites for 2 months BUT am scratching my skin raw anyway. There is no peace with these things because you just never know. This site has been SO helpful to me. Thanks to everyone, I refuse to give up.

32 nobugsonme March 30, 2007 at 8:57 pm

Hi bbwarrior!
Glad you’re here.
How many treatments did you have?

33 Dan March 30, 2007 at 11:21 pm

Hi there!

I had 5 treatments in my old home and if i remember correctly ( i wish i kept the slips they left as a souvenir) i rememebr seeing Demand, Suspend and Phantom on the list of pesticide they used. I also remember my bed smelling pretty lethal..almost like oil or something and for some reason i think that is the Demand…or whatever contains deltamethrin.
I like the names of all of these..Phantom, Demand, Suspend, Tempo.

It will be tough, but you will get rid of your new friends soon!!! I fond out i had mine dec 16 and i STILL had them when i moved feb 1, and i found one about 2 weeks ago, mid march. 3 months…many people have them much longer, but you will rid of them dont worry!

34 bbwarrior March 31, 2007 at 1:04 am

Thanks for your comments! I have done 3 entire house treatments and my guy gave me some Phatom tp do spot treatments when I found one or two. It has no odor but I don the respirator and gloves and then get out for a few hours. I have used it in the bedrooms after painting and cleaning out things and also as a preventive on the new beds. (Not the matresses, they remain in the plastic with white sheets) I caulked and sealed the floor of my daughter’s room today, it’s an old house with lots of gaps and cracks.
The weird thing is that all three bedrooms on the second floor had them, in varying degrees, but my son’s room in the attic was fine and my dad’s apartment in the basement was fine. I was told I had a “light infestation” and should be grateful. Yeah, grateful to be paranoid, scratch off my skin, loose sleep, examine everthing endlessly. I just hope I’ve seen my last one. My daughter and I spent the past 2 months sleeping at a friends and then comming home to search and clean. We didn’t bring any there thank goodness, and she was great about it. I’ve had people say “are you sure you don’t have any on your jacket or in your hair?” Or they think that one visit from the PCO should end the problem and just don’t get it. You get to be meticulous about your clothes, shoes everything. It’s almost like an OCD. (Obcessive Compulsive Disorder) Meanwhile I know of three large apartment buildings in the neighborhood that are infested.
I have been reading everything I could find on these bugs for months, too numb to write anything and wow, it’s a great relief to get it out now. Again, thanks to all of you for all the information and support.
By the way, I’ve noticed that after treatments, the one or two I’ve found have been adult and skinny. No spot of blood in them. (Hiding in the walls, waiting for us to return to our rooms?!!) I guess that’s good but I dread seeing a fat red one!!!

35 willow-the-wisp April 1, 2007 at 3:15 am

Hi warrior:
Willo said your supported here too!.
This is a great blog. The short account of first BB I saw– four or five days before I found SOME of the nests in my hotel– follows:
I sat in the restaurant on the corner just asfer a visit to a local public area with a lot of shelter folk and homeless–the library.
Just as the food came I looked down on my right thigh for some reason. I saw an ugly purplish bulbus lookig bug leasirly toddlying its way across my jeans. I flicked it with my finger so that I’d have “NOBUGSONME.” It didn’t fly across to the wall 3 feet away, rather, or maybe even grabbed hold of my velvet-like sneaker. As I went to flick it again, I watched this fat little thing sort of weeble and wiggle it’s way into a seam-line on the sneaker:
Right then and there… I knew I’d seen my first bed bug!
**First I figured it had fallen from the underside of the table …
**next I pondered over the public place I’d just come out of: I had seen a tough neighbrohood guy who’d said hello and got rather close: we had never really spoken nicely before so I decided he had probably thrown a few of them on the back of my fleece lined winter coat as I went on my way.
***then I was off on a tangent then, thinking of several people I’d seen in the past 24 hours.
the end result of the first full month of finding a semi large sized nest along the zipper seam of the foton was posted a few hours ago in “creative ways to get rid of the BB topic in the forums.
Talk about OCD–I’m finding so many little brown dots. They never never move–I hope that that–means they’re dead–but who knows.
This morning I looked at a rigged heat-trap I set up near my bed. There was some brown dots and a mod sized pooh. 95% of what I am seeing–i’m praying–looks like dead 1st stage “minnies” If all these dots are cast skins, I’m in more trouble than I know. I’d read double sided tape, heat traps and filling ballons with our exhaled Co2 were fairly useless. I think they have a place, as tools–if you get creative, and play some chess with the bug that wants your blood.
I cornered in an eight story building–recently empy rooms below and across from me.
Its sad. My next door neighbors are building some sort of a wooden frame thing (two elderly Chinese speakers only. I know thay have a dose …
Jerk down the hall had them six months ago. Each time he does that pungent odor nauseates me.
That pungent odor is now emenating from my BR–fairly big time
So welcome to the blog nobody really wants to but needs to join 🙂
Talk about OCD. I’m mid way through my first treatment: The self treatments I have chosen over the advice of many others for a vast array of reasons, none of which BTW DO NOT imply I think I know better than those sufferng for much longer who have tried it themselves.

I’m still introducing myself here or 5 days
just got bit–

Who’s checking all the libraries and places like GCS anyway?

36 Bugalina April 1, 2007 at 9:27 am

Willow, You bring up a topic that the Ciry Government would rather not talk about. Bed Bugs in pubic places. Because Bloomberg has his head buried in the sand, We are witnessing a bug explosion in the City, and Bloomberg isn’t going public with it! A person on this blog told me that his exterminator told him that the City Shelters were so badly infested that “the walls appeared to move” because they were completely covered with bed bugs. This never should have happened. I wouldn’t sit on a park bench anymore, knowing that someone could have been sleeping on it the night before. The attitude of government is one of “keep it hidden”. If tourists knew about the bed bug problems in NYC, don’t you think many would cancel their visits ! But where would they go ! Because bed bugs are in every city and state in the USA. Your info about the bed bug crawling into the seam of your sneaker is good info.. It tells us all to advoid shoes with lots of seams , if we can help it. And , upon re-entering our homes, keep a bottle of some kind of contact spray on hand to spray off the shoes. And recently I read that someone dusted the area around their door mat. This sounds helpful. I think large ziplocks will soon replace pocketbooks. Go seamless !

37 nobugsonme April 1, 2007 at 9:47 am

Bugalina, BBwarrior, and Dan,
Everyone else has been trying the forums as a replacement for Tales of Woe thread here. It’s an experiment which we’ll cancel if people don’t like it, but for now, click on the Forums button above right. Your login here should work there.

38 Dan April 1, 2007 at 11:33 am

Oh my i am so dumb. I saw the picture of the bedbug witht he word FORUM in it and id idnt even realize to go there haha. Ugh, thank you for pointing it out. I just quickly glanced it over and in my opinion i like that format a lot more. It is a lot easier to read and i like having different threads, and being able to easily go into each and post.

good work!! Im goign there now!

39 willow-the-wisp April 1, 2007 at 12:18 pm

I feel a bit lost. So much stuff in my place. I just woke up but I can’t find my spray bottle of easy to buy contact killer: I feel like a sheep withour skin or like a goatithout it’s horn. Sitting in my chair by monitor. I’m getting some phantom-bites …? Real bites …?
Someone wrote a few days ago something about a bed bug jumping off the dog and runing up your leg. It feels like that. I’m told it is probably phantom bites–AKA sensitized skin.
The good news is I found only very minor and inconclusive evidence of bb activity last night near abd around the heat trap–which is encircled with dbl sided carpet tape–Some might have gone into the plastic bag trap with balloons and a few cardoard, old paper towel rolls. I just sealed it and I pan to fill the tub and dump it into the hot water later.
in the BR … also only1/10th the evidence than I had been finding in the last few nights. it is possible the bugs are getting sick of me and thus moving onward and outward. That’s a shame if I didn’t kill em. But others in this building SEEM to take the attitude that “bb’s in your room is better than in mine.” This is just what I’m sensing. Very few will even talk about the bb’s in my hotel.
If I had everything the way I could I’d move then contact a news program.
But that is likely to not post publically becase THE GOV DOES NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE BB AT HOME–abroad sure … I hear more about that that I do about inner cities shelters libraries …

40 nobugsonme April 1, 2007 at 3:14 pm

Dan– thanks. If people like it, we’ll keep it, with the usual tweaks that need to happen when we decide what’s not perfect. I hope you’ll still read the blog and comment on the other posts! Oh, and don’t feel stupid–lots of people don’t see the forum button–it’s not like the rest of the links. Working on that too.

Willo–I wish you did not have to put up with this. If there’s anything we can do, let us know (maybe we can brainstorm about that over in the forums.)

41 willow-the-wisp April 1, 2007 at 5:10 pm

THAKS NOBUGS I KNOW people are rooting for me, although I’ve seeminlgy taken a different and “willful” tract and brand of tactics. My plans are not all that willful I’m listening … and I’m correcting errors I’ve made in my judgements to the best of my ability.
ie … once I learned that DE only works if it is lightly spread, as I did sort of clump it up in certain areas behind stuff to keep the bb’s I have not gotten to yet–from getting to me–it is like a bb short term “stay away” order. It is the best I can do for now.
I’ll have money in a few days.

Bad News–I probably lost my little job today Good news it was interfering with my personal riddance of the bb’s. The jury is still out on that job thing. I’m waiting for a call back. it all had to do with me being late and the phone not working–so they could not contact me. that’s the tip of iceberg–saying more is irrelevant to BB’s save to say–my boss has them too, likely if I do–but she’d rather get rid of me rather than here about them: The fact that I told her her cat could even become the host when she’s at work–seemed to piss her off and make her mad at me.

Good News: although I overdid the DE there is a fine powder all around most stuff in my place now. And so I’m only using 30% of my space for living and sleeping.

heat traps??? The convoluted combo heat trap and plastic bag with enticing items I set up produced no results when I carefully eptied the bag into hot bath water (save) one little black dot).
Hardly seems worth the effort. And there is no objective evidence saying I have no BB’s caz the bag was empty.
But there have been other times that it does sort of help attract them to cross areas where the de is rather smoothly laid out. (I feel).

I also had some topic ideas for the forum and rather than start more rooms I thought I’d post them here. other people can either start some forums on this stuff or not: could link be put into the appropriate rooms eventuallt nobugs?

*all about bb pooh
*how bb’s differ from other house pests
*all about bb movements–they are not as nocturnal as we hear so say I.
*all about prevention ie (staying rid of or not getting the BB)
*BB blues (social isolation)
*managing kids ( and or our pets) before while and after the infestation is abaited.
*when and if you should ever clump up the de i’m adding some stuff to the de threads right now–because there are certain instances when it might be helpful so long as you keep yourself isolated from it.
thanks all!

42 nobugsonme April 1, 2007 at 6:59 pm

Hi Willow,
I think the best thing is to discuss the forums in the forums! Also, I suggest anyone who wants to should start a topic, when it seems really important to them. I don’t think we need to start conversations until people feel the need. Anyone who has a question can just jump in. Does that make sense?

43 willow-the-wisp April 1, 2007 at 7:17 pm

it does and it doesn’t
a–It does … but I’m not seeing a lot of topics in the forums so these are really questions I have that I would like others with much much more experience than I to start topics on–or give them some topic ideas if they want to start one, but don’t know quite how to start one.
It seems eveyone wants to share here in “tales of woe” but it’s all a tale of woe. So that is confusing to me–does that make sense?

44 nobugsonme April 1, 2007 at 7:24 pm

Willow, the forums are not just for tales of woe, and you’ve started a lot of topics. Others have too, in the last few days. So when someone has a question, they should start the topic. But the downside is if you post too many at once, you might not get as many answers. There are about 10 people participating and if there are lots of questions, they won’t probably get to them all, so spacing them out is good.

This thread is on hold while everyone tries out the forums! If you want to discuss the forums, you can do that there too!

45 bbwarrior April 1, 2007 at 9:01 pm

Hi All
I just registered at the forums and am waitng for my password, but wanted to say hi. Will post a few questions on the forum.

46 john wesely harding September 18, 2008 at 2:30 am

does the enzymatic spray work in totally getting rid of the colonies or is this just bs. thanks

47 nobugsonme September 18, 2008 at 2:41 pm

Enzyme sprays only kill bed bugs you hit directly. That’s likely to be a small segment of a bed bug population. You really need more than that (thermal, or vikane gas, or pesticides with residuals possbily coupled with mechanical killers like dusts). Steam can be useful but again, bed bugs have to be pretty close to the steamer’s end in order to get it.

We seriously recommend getting a professional in who knows bed bugs.

48 ScamWary March 8, 2009 at 5:48 pm

I need to know my legal rights, but our story is the opposite of most. I believe we’re being forced into unnecessary, costly exterminating efforts by panicked residents and opportunistic pest control companies.

About six weeks ago a resident in our building alerted the Board that she thought she had bed bugs. Trying to be proactive, they sent budbug dogs in to EVERY apartment in the building. This dog/handler came out saying that something like 60% of the apartments had “hits” and had to be exterminated. When this man’s results proved suspect, we had another company with dogs come in and do the sweep again. This time, 29 out of approx. 70 units had hits – and the results in no way matched the first sweep.

Now, here’s what makes me really uncomfortable. Everyone who had a “hit” is being strong-armed into having their apartment treated for bedbugs – which involves sealing most of their belongings in plastic for NINE MONTHS – even though they have NO BITES, and cannot find a SINGLE BEDBUG, alive or dead, in their apartment. Even though the building is paying for the extermination, the resident has to pay to have all of their clothing cleaned, all of the storage materials, and even the purchase of a particular kind of vacuum, etc. – I expect it can easily run to $1,000 per family. Not to mention 9 months of having a barely livable apartment.

Does anyone know if the residents can refuse to allow this?! I mean, how can they force us to do this when there’s no physical evidence? We’re not just talking about spraying the baseboards here… We’ve been told that if we fail to comply, they can take us to court. Lawyers out there, is that true?

49 nobugsonme March 9, 2009 at 12:03 am

Hi ScamWary,

I am not a lawyer (and anyone who claims to be one should not be advising you in blog comments anyway!)

I am not sure where you are but I think you definitely need to get legal advice in your area.

50 dt should be brought back October 15, 2009 at 8:06 pm

DO NOT MOVE! That won’t help. I moved twice and I still have them in my room. I just dont understand. The first time I moved I brought all my electronics , book and clothes that I had washed and dried in hot cycles before moving in, though they managed to follow me. The second time I moved I simply put all of my electronics and books in storage miles away from my new residence and only brought cleaned clothes that I had washed and dried in hot cycles. I even paid 200 dollars for dry-cleaning. Got rid of my cellphone, Ipod, wallet, documents, shoes and that didn’t work, I’m still getting bites almost every night and funny thing is that I still don’t see a bug where I currently live. This is diving me crazy. I lost my job because of this and now I’m finnacially struggling. The first time I got bites, my whole body but the face developed rashes. They itched like crazy for about a month. I had to shower in extremely hot water just to soothe the itch. So, don’t move. Stay and try to end the problem where it started. These bugs don’t need to go from one place to another. It just makes the problem even worse. So, good luck out there. I’m trying DE this weekend and I’m hoping that solves the problem. Warning, I contacted a PCO the first time I got the bites. They came three times and even though they swore my room looked bug-free, I was still getting bites . So I decided to do it by myself and I found one dead bug after I sprayed my whole room with insecticide.

51 Rudy Kintanar October 19, 2009 at 8:29 am

We have a simple remedy for bedbugs my grandmother used. The bedbugs in my great grandmother’s house in Maca-as, Catmon, Cebu, Philippines disappeared when we used this.
The skin of the jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus or Artocarpus heterophylla) placed inside the room and below the furniture just made the bedbugs disappear after one week. No more bedbugs!
Another remedy my grandparents in Baktas, Catmon, Cebu, Philippines used was to put goats under the house. Or to nail dried goat skin around the house.
In two weeks time, the bedbugs will jut disappear….I don’t know where they go, but you cannot find them anymore.

52 nobugsonme October 19, 2009 at 12:11 pm

Hi Rudy,

I have no way of verifying whether dried goat’s skin or jackfruit skin have repellent properties. Since bed bugs are hard to catch in the act, and since many people do not react to bed bug bites, they may simply have been hiding well and biting someone else.

If you do not find dead bed bugs, then the bed bugs did not disappear. Perhaps they moved to a different part of the same home (perhaps even digging in deeper), perhaps they moved to a neighbor. This is the problem with repellents. You do not want bed bugs to relocate; you want them dead. Or they may well come back in the near future.

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