Bed bugs lurk in hotel rooms, says ABC news

by nobugsonme on March 22, 2007 · 1 comment

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This segment from Good Morning America yesterday, detailing the many dangers of hotels including bed bugs, e. coli, and athlete’s foot. (Are all these things in the same ballpark, people?)

The bed bug story had the obligatory “Entomologist feeding his bed bug” colony video segment, that we’ve all come to expect. This time it was the University of Maryland’s Michael Raupp with his shirtsleeves rolled up. The story also featured featured Alison Trainer, the New York opera singer who was exposed to bed bugs in Phoenix. Are you listening, America? She left New York, and got them in Phoenix. New York is not the only place you need to worry about bed bugs!

The segment on ABC reminds us that Spring Break is now: many students will leave bedbuggy colleges, spend time traveling to cheap hotels and hostels, or family and friends’ homes, and then return to school. Younger students and families often travel at this time. Couple this with a rise in temperatures that can increase all manner of creepy crawlies around the home, and you have the recipe for an itchy April and May. And it only gets worse in the summer.

1 Anonymous March 22, 2007 at 9:57 am

Oy, my son is leaving for Spring Break on Saturday, and don’t even think I haven’t thought about this!!!! I am so worried he’ll bring some more non paying room mates home….

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