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by nobugsonme on March 21, 2007 · 2 comments

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Hi All,

If you see this, you’re on the correct site!

I have now migrated the site from to
It may not look very different, but it is. You can now register when you comment, and the site will remember your nickname and information.

You do not need to register to comment.

You do need to register on the blog if you want to use the forum. (See forum link.)

Thanks for your patience, and if you see anything funky (links that go nowhere, pictures that disappeared), please leave a comment there and let me know!



1 Mr WordPress March 19, 2007 at 9:45 pm

Hi, this is a comment.
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2 willow-the-wisp March 26, 2007 at 1:15 pm

the migration of the site is easily found–i’m a bitt worried though as to the advice I’ve just been reading. I, as an oil painter–who paints at home–have a lot of nearly air-tight plastic containers. When i first discovered I had the palgue–I pannicked and thru whatever i could into these plastic containers.

My bed is isolated … but becasue of the clutter and cost–I have chosen the do it yourself method. Any bed bugs I’ve seen about 15–other than the 50 or so I discovered on the zipper seam of the matress and the 50 or so eggs–have all been killed with extreeme caution by using a paint thinner in a spray bottle. probably against the law but I didn’t know this at the time. i watched them fall like flies off of the matress and into the carpet. The adults died immediatly–but the babes … seemed to melt into the carpet pile. I am assumming they have died too … it is a memory I will not easily forget. Since my first treatments I have been reading up on them and when the landlord comes for the yearly inspection she will have a fit when she sees the white powder from diatect all over the rug. I did not follow thier instructions as well as I might have.
my point is this–I have made my living environment as toxic as possible for them–without oblitherating myself (hopefully). Any adults i have found since that treatment (5) died within hours of catching them and putting them into a clear plastic maxwellhouse instant coffee jar.
Oddly enough … and this will seem a bit gross …
I thoguht I’d try experimenting with them a bit. I had already accidently cut myself with a razor and so I re-opened the wound and put a few drops of blood into the coffee jar. They died within minutes after drinking it: does that make me a vampire or something???
I’m thinking they brobably dround in the blood becasue they could not conttrol the flow … or the blood cooagulated too much and choked them to death. if so–then kudo’s to me as I hate them with vengence.
I have not seen any in abbut 10 days … have experienced only a few bites in 10 days–and this was while on my so called protected and isolated bed. I therefore sterilized the bedding again 1st with re-washing and then secondly with a goodly amount of 70% isoproyl alcohol. I intend to re-sterilize the bedding as often as I can as soon as I get some more cash–but for now all I have is the rubbing alcohol and the diatect product.
Are you folks telling me I have to open up 15 large boxes with all the regalia of an oil painter and let those little pups run free?
That’s a scarry thoguht indeed.
I think it best for me to fill the tub with hot water and dump the contents of the boxes one0by-one–into the tub of hot water–sterilize plastic tubs with alcohol and ten repack and then seal them shut–but with duct tape.
100’s and 100’s of $$ of paint brushed and tubes of oil paints and watercolors …
I’m not doing that though until the vacuume cleaner parts come in about 2 weeks.
Too much powder clogged my little shark and so they are on back order.

I see evidence of little nyphs fecal material all over–seems like, so far, I am doing a pretty good job of breaking the cycle. But there are obviously many more in here than I had thoght.
i tried the double sided carpwnter’s tape but that is not much of a help.
I put one of the live one’s I caught on it and though it was nearly dead–it was able to navigate it’s way right across the tape. 12 bucks down the drain …
Question … will spraying a computer chair with the 70% isoproply alcohol help in killing these nymphs. i figure anywhere I’ve stayed stationary for more than 20 minutes needs a good spray. That is what I’ve been doing, sofar–but I never thoguht I’d hear myself say I can’t wait to vacuume the rugs. over and over again and again.

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