Update: bed bug resources in Spanish: PCO assistance needed!

by nobugsonme on March 20, 2007

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Update on this post from last week. A very brilliant Bedbugger has generously volunteered to translate the “Think you have bed bugs? Some do’s and don’ts” FAQ into Spanish. We started with this one, because it is the most frequently read, and it does introduce a number of ideas expanded on in other FAQs. I will keep the identity of this person secret for the time being, until s/he comes forward or until it’s published on the site, but I was immensely grateful that someone could do this. It will be going live soon.

If others are fluent enough to do so, and want to join in with this project and translate one or more FAQs into Spanish (or another language!) we really could have a wonderful resource. As you probably know, certain FAQs are often among the most read pages every day.

I expect we may leave comments open on the Spanish FAQ at least to start, and questions may come up.  If we get many questions, this may not be something we’re able to support, but in time, as more Bedbuggers appear who can read and write Spanish, we may be able to help a much wider range of people.  Even if the Spanish FAQs are read-only, they will surely help many people.

If any PCOs are reading this, we’d really like to post one set of instructions for tenants that your company uses, and provide a translation (if you don’t have one) in Spanish. We would be very clear about the need for tenants to ask their PCOs what protocol to follow before treatment, and we’d emphasize that each company has their own methods. That said, last week we heard from a landlord with many Spanish tenants whose PCO did not have Spanish instructions for preparing for treatment, and we could not help, since we did not have a sample in English to be translated. Any PCO willing to share such instructions could be credited if they wish (with a link even) or we could keep it anonymous, if the information is provided without a letterhead, since we know everyone is not necessaily looking for publicity. (If any PCOs are willing to have us post and English protocol and a readymade translation, even better.)

Our aim here is to help everyone know more about how to deal with infestations–it helps them at their moment of crisis, and it ultimately helps keep the problem from spreading further. Let’s make this information more widely available.


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