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by nobugsonme on March 19, 2007 · 1 comment

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Katy writes,

After a few weeks of debating which approach to take (the M80
bomb or total fumigation with men in gas masks, or a more moderate
approach which the national chain Terminex offers).

I opted for terminex for a couple of reasons: we think our infestation is in the
early stages and we would prefer to have a less toxic approach then
the bomb fumigation) As terminex has explained their process
probably will take a longer time. so we are going with their appoach
wich involves a one year contract withnthe option to exterminate when
ever we need to within that contract period. has anyone else used
teminex and if so would you please give some feedback on your
experience with them. all comments are appreciated!

Thanks so much fellow bed bug warriors.

Katy, just to start things off, I am not sure how helpful we can be since you’ve already made your choice. That said, I am sure others will have feedback.

Keep in mind that Terminix is a franchise, so I suspect the quality of service and the PCO’s experience with killing bed bugs may vary, depending on the city.

I don’t know what an M80 is (maybe someone else does?) but we’re told in general that bombs don’t work for bed bugs (there may be some exceptions, but I’d ask at the–they’re pest control professional, we’re sufferers, with a different set of knowledge).

If by “fumigation by men in gas masks” you mean Vikane gas, I understand this is very effective in single-family homes. It does not take months, unlike spraying, and I have a sense that repeated sprayings over time may actually cause people more harm, but that’s speculation. If you have not signed on the dotted line yet, I’d personally reconisder Vikane. It should be safe as long as the building is evacuated of all pets and people. “More moderate methods” can mean living with bed bugs for a long time.

There’s another option: thermal treatment, which means they heat every nook and cranny of your home, internally, to 140 F for 4+ hours. I think you have to remove some plastics, but other than that, it kills bugs and eggs and you don’t have to deal after that.

Most of us here do not go for thermal or Vikane options because we either live in regions where one is not available (thermal isn’t everywhere) or because we live in multi-unit dwellings (Vikane has to be used to treat the entire structure, not an apartment.)

Others want to weigh in on this one?

1 Dan March 21, 2007 at 4:20 pm

How do they heat your house? THat is interesting.

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