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by nobugsonme on March 16, 2007 · 2 comments

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I heard from a landlord in Brooklyn (actually a reader of Caitlin’s blog) who has a floor of his building infested with bed bugs. He actually says he is having a problem getting tenants to cooperate with the PCO’s treatment. Part of the problem is that he does not have adequate printed information on preparations to give tenants — some are Spanish speakers, and presumably the materials the PCO provides are in English (as indeed are our FAQs).

I have previously posted what fact sheets I could find in Spanish here and in Russian and Chinese as well. There’s also this, in Spanish, but I have no idea what it says. We don’t want to point people to sites that give out advice we would not agree on (and you know there are plenty of those in English!)
Bed bugs are not confined to one economic class, racial or ethnic group, or neighborhood, and I think we really need more materials so that people can learn about how to prevent and deal with infestations.

I would very much like someone to translate our FAQs into Spanish, since it is probably the next largest number of speakers after English, in the US. I’d be open to translations into other languages, and we could host these all on the site. Some FAQs are probably more urgent than others, and in fact, we don’t have a general FAQ on preparing for treatment (since PCOs usually give these out, and their protocols differ). However, I’d be interested in posting one if any PCOs wanted to provide a basic one, and we could translate it as well (it would of course include the instructions to ask your own PCO if their protocol differs.)

These are projects that I can’t do myself, obviously. I can’t even comment on the foreign language resources linked to in the posts above, except the Portland bed bug fact sheet which is in English and Spanish. All of them are too short.

If you have ideas, or are a fluent writer in another language, and willing to donate your time for this cause, we might be able to work on this, so get in touch.

If you work for a social service agency in NYC, there’s a real need for people to work together at helping teach people in their communities about bed bugs, how to spot, treat, and prevent them. I know someone up in East Harlem was doing this (it was in a recent Times article). If anyone is doing this, I’d love to know.


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