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by nobugsonme on March 15, 2007 · 1 comment

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Hello all,

S. has asked about hosting photos of bites, bugs, etc. I don’t want to physically store photos on the server, since that uses a lot of space. But an easy option is to use I encourage you to start your own flickr accounts, where you can upload photos. But if you already use flickr for personal photos, and don’t want friends to see your bite photos (!), you might want to start a second flickr account (anonymously). It’s free, you just need an email.

If you put your photos on flickr, you can then add me as a contact (I’m nobugsonme on flickr), tell me they’re there, and we can link to them from the site. I can put up a photo gallery on our site of bite pictures. (You know I also collect photos of apparent bed bug refuse–mattresses on the curb, that sort of thing.)

If you put a photo on flickr (or send one to me to put on my flickr account), you should realize that anyone anywhere who goes on flickr can link to it. I will use settings that prevent them from downloading it. But they can link to it. (If you host it, consider preventing downloads–that way people can link to the photo, but can’t download it and use it in any documents.)

If you want me to put your photo up on flickr, send me an email (nobugsonme at yahoo dot com) and attach the photo(s). Full-size is fine. Make sure you include the statement “You have my permission to post this photo on flickr,” plus your name or nickname from this site (whatever name you’re using in comments). I will attach your nickname to the photo, so the photos can be grouped by person. I will not use your real name, unless you tell me to.

If you send a junk-on-the-curb photo, tell me where it is (intersection, block, rather than actual address).

Here’s one from Huntington Township, Lond Island, sent by a reader; look at that beeeeauuuuutiful clean mattress (wonder what’s wrong with it?):

Let me know if this procedure works, or if you foresee any problems. You can send photos anytime, because we don’t need the new site for this.

Thanks for making Bedbugger more interactive and a better resource for others!

1 nobugsonme March 17, 2007 at 2:09 pm

Okay, now two people have sent their bite photos. Let’s try and represent the full range of what these things can look like. You should know that you can use a new made-up nickname if you want to be really anonymous–but tell me what to use.

Click bed bug bite photos in the top links or bedbugger’s bite photos under “photos” in the sidebar to see them and for instructions.

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