Bed bug Helloise: a nice, reasonably-priced white metal bed frame with no wooden slats

by nobugsonme on March 15, 2007 · 6 comments

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Bed Bug Helloise has come back out of hiding, just long enough to point you towards what appears to be a nice, reasonably-priced white welded metal bed frame. Since we’ve seen too many expensive metal frames, I was pleased to see this:

Dear Bedbuggers, I know you are broke from your battles with the scourge, and you are still dreaming of a lot of domestic improvements or replacements. Sometimes the most urgent thing, for those with wooden beds, is a metal bed frame. And while the basic ones that come free with mattress sets (or cost $40) will do, some of you may be shopping for something a little more substantial.

Ikea does some nice stuff, but let’s face it: their metal bed frames tend to have wooden slats. Although bed bugs can infest metal frames, wood is easier.

This, on the other hand, looks fairly solid, has no wooden slats, and is only around $100 more than something from Ikea which does have wood slats. I shall wait to hear from a bedbugger who has ordered it (and pointed it out to me), once it arrives,, maybe she can tell us what gaps do exist on this item.

Okay, it’s not bed bug-proof. Assembly is required– well, we knew it wasn’t solid, but this is a reminder: where you assemble things, there are gaps.

Mind the gaps!

Should our friend consider dusting a very light coating of (food grade, freshwater) DE inside the poles, during assembly? I would not personally use anything containing pesticides inside–that seems potentially harmful to the metal as well as you. And nothing wet goes without saying (though somehow I feel compelled to say it). But a bit of freshwater DE inside– would this work?

Or is Bed Bug Helloise going overboard? If you still have bed bugs, put the legs on risers, fill the cups of the risers with mineral oil (Jess says tea tree oil, for greater bed bug misery), and float that carefully wrapped mattress above it. I think that’s more effective than dusting the inside.

1 nobugsonme April 9, 2007 at 10:23 pm

So if it requires assembly, how “welded” can the metal be? What does this mean?

2 wantmyskinback April 9, 2007 at 10:48 pm

I have this bed. It’s not “welded” in the way I would have expected. It is 4 peices of metal (front legs “welded” onto the front bar and back legs “welded” onto the back bar, and two side rails). These 4 peices need to be screwed together, and then there is a long bar that goes vertically to support the slats that slide into the frame itself. All metal, and very easy, but still some hiding places in my mind. However….there is NO wood, or pressed wood, or fabric lining, as Crate n Barrel or West Elm beds might have. This is not much different than the Harvard metal bed frame… only with slats in the middle for supporting a mattress (no box spring required, which is also good), and it is prettier (it’s white and smooth).

3 willow-the-wisp April 9, 2007 at 11:33 pm

oh my does it come in guernsey cow colors too? LOL Looks nice–brobably better than what I’ve got.

4 nobugsonme April 10, 2007 at 1:27 am

Thanks WMSB– is the Harvard frame the one you get with a new bed, gratis?
They’re kind of flimsy.

If you’re going to protect your bed as per the FAQS (isolating it by sticking the legs on risers, creating a moat of mineral oil or tea tree oil in the riser trough or in bowls the legs sit in) AND you have a new mattress (so you know they’re not coming out of the mattress via seams or tears in a cover), then the places to hide isn’t such a factor. It’s true that wooden slats also mightn’t be, in this case, but some of us get kind of creeped out by wood after bed bugs.

No box springs–can’t do that with the cheapo metal frames.

Personally, I never wanted a metal-or-glass anything before and now I’m all metal and glass dining table, metal and glass computer desk; but I digress.

Anyway, this isn’t going to save anyone, but unless you get some kind of hideously expensive wrought iron solid bed, I don’t see what frame is going to be bedbug-proof.

5 wantmyskinback April 10, 2007 at 11:15 am

I know. I am not a glass or metal person either (unless it’s a work of art by a modern designer or artist). The bed is fine, for now. It’s attractive, it makes me feel some what secure. And, even if something does hide in it somewhere, I know the metal can be sprayed and wiped without absorption of the chemicals… and since it is WHITE I have a better shot at seeing what is hiding there (if they come back that is… I think I have conquered them for the moment).

6 Bugalina April 10, 2007 at 11:46 am

I found a carpet beetle crawling up my white, white wall from about 10 ft. away ( the prior owners had carpet It’s all gone now but residual bugs I suppose ) ..I just found a small little flying gnat on the white wall…I can spot a bug a mile away on my lite colored tile floors. This is how I live for peace of mind. My life is now reduced to just wanting an environment in which I can control bed bugs, should they G-d forbid, reappear. If people think I am crazy I’ll send them the exterminator bill…last one totaled $5200.00, ..for two treatments I might add. So, gone are the days of bedskirts and plush pillows….I’ll walk on a heated bed of nails if I have to !

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