Bed bug bites: I react and my partner does not. Why?

by nobugsonme on March 14, 2007 · 25 comments

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Today I got this email from a Reader:

Why is it that some people aren’t being bitten and some are? Example: My boyfriend and I share an apartment. I am being bitten all night long. He, on the other hand, does not seem to be bothered at all by these critters. Please, I need an answer.

The short answer is that some people are not allergic to bed bug bites so they don’t notice they’re being bitten. It’s also possible that others may not be bitten at all. I saw one report that suggested as many as 70% of people live with bed bugs and either aren’t bitten or are bitten and don’t notice.

Update (6/2010): this post was originally written in 2007, and this statistic suggesting most people don’t react to bed bug bites comes from Jerome Goddard in a 2006 podcast linked from here; however, please note: subsequent research suggesting 70% of people do react to bed bugs was carried out by Dr. Michael Potter at the University of Kentucky and publicized in early 2010, and this research is described here.

Nobody has a definitive answer as to why, and frankly, I guess researchers are a bit too busy trying to figure out how to kill bed bugs (and also, find out how many bed bugs are resistant to which insecticides and how to find new ways to kill them) to spend much time on questions like this. I am sure that if bed bugs stick around a while, we’ll learn a lot more about them.

Given that we don’t know for certain, a few sources (of the news article or fact-sheet variety) have suggested that women may be more likely than men to either be bitten or feel the bites (again, we don’t know if this is true, but for what little its worth, it appears that way to me), and that this may be because women’s body temperatures differ from men’s (very slightly). (Are they higher? Lower? Does it matter? If anyone has a source on this, help me out. I’m ready to study as a Yogi to try and adjust my temperature to something less tasty!) It’s among the vast wealth of stuff I gleaned from goodness-knows-where when I first started reading about bed bugs. I rushed onwards to find the “how to stop them” information, but now wish I’d taken down some names. I will update this FAQ when someone tips me off or when I find them again.

Even if many or even most people with bed bugs aren’t itchy or aren’t bitten, most of our readers (though not all) are among the itchy. Why? Well, itchy people, and those who are really worried about their itchy partners, are most likely to come on the site and try and find a solution. Bed bugs would make one heck of a torture device.

Reader, the fact that every able adult isn’t affected by having bed bugs in the home is really one of the worst things about bed bugs. I am going out on a limb saying this, since many readers no doubt have bed bugs but are among the non-itchy and/or non-bitten sector of the bedbugger community (here’s a a shout out to Bugzinthehood!) Let me clarify: I don’t mean I want everyone to suffer!

However, I do wish bed bugs were noticed, somehow, by everyone who had them, because then we would not have people developing serious infestations, which they do not notice (and so can’t treat) until bed bugs are running up the walls in broad daylight. With out the early warning of itching, many people don’t get treatment until an infestation has gotten very, very bad. Some of the non-afflicted don’t even get treated then. If they never wake up and see themselves bitten, a small minority of people just won’t care.

If everyone got a clear and non-ignorable “sign,” it would reduce another problem, which this reader has touched on (and my heart goes out to her): those of us who are “the one who itches” in a relationship or communal-living situation don’t just suffer the enormous discomfort (and in rare cases even life-threatening allergic reactions) of bed bug bites. We often also have to deal with a partner or housemate who doesn’t get it–especially in cases where the bed bugs are elusive and never present themselves for clear-tape-sampling and close-up photos.

The effects of those we live with “not getting it” range from a reluctance on their part to getting treatment or to cooperating with treatment protocols, to the non-afflicted partner doubting the other’s experiences. People have been called crazy by loved ones, many times. Many arguments have been fought, and no doubt, some relationships have crumbled under the weight of what is a very stressful situation (whether you’re the one itching, or not).

There’s nothing worse than having those closest to you (either physically or emotionally) not getting the fact that an invisible creature they haven’t seen, that has no effect on them, is physically making you miserable. And when the only solution includes expensive treatments, inconvenient laundering and bagging, and sometimes even parting with stuff temporarily or for a long time, these significant others are likely to be even more hostile to the idea of solving your problem. Hostile in a way they’d never be if you had a verifiable illness or a clearly visible pest.

These skeptical partners, relatives and housemates need to get that bed bugs don’t affect everyone, and are not always easy to spot, but that they can seriously damage one’s physical and emotional health, they need to be eradicated and that extreme measures are generally necessary.

In addition to giving a shout out to the loving partners and solid friends who do support the itchier folks, despite the stretch of the imagination doing so can require, it would also be remiss of me not to express some sympathy for the non-afflicted partners and friends who don’t get it, since in most cases, they’re good, caring people, and it’s certainly not easy to live with someone suffering from bed bugs. It would also be irresponsible for me not to admit that sometimes people do have other causes besides bed bugs for their itching. Sometimes, it really is in their head, or in their laundry detergent, or in the hot tub that gave them folliculitis, among other possible causes. But it also is really common for one person in a place not to be affected by bed bugs, while those sleeping in the same bed or home, or working in the same office or school, are.

We need to get that information circulated more widely: people don’t always know they have bed bugs. This doesn’t just pertain to the non-itchy spouse or roommate. People in multi-unit dwellings –especially those living alone– need to learn to look for other signs of bed bugs (like the black specks and the cast-off shells), landlords need to have adjacent units (top, bottom, sides) of infested units treated as well as actively investigating whether other tenants may be infested but not noticing it. Because people who aren’t allergic to bed bugs and don’t live with anyone who is, are the ones whose infestations are likeliest to grow the largest (and spread most widely) before being treated.

1 S. March 14, 2007 at 10:18 pm

This was one of the most helpful posts you’ve ever written, Nobugs. Thank you for saying everything we’ve been trying to articulate for so long.

2 nobugsonme March 15, 2007 at 3:05 am

Thanks S!

Sometimes people question what we bed bug sufferers have to offer as advice, compared with bed bug professionals. Well, they _do_ know things we don’t and I appreciate their input, often so valuable.

But we also know certain things the experts don’t, such as what having bed bugs is like, how bites look and feel (and that this varies, though we don’t really know why, we can only speculate).

We don’t know enough about bed bugs, but I hope someone will find out more, one day, when they have time because they found the perfect pesticide (and, of course, in the brief time period just before it wipes out all the nasty buggers!)

Of course, I’d be even happier if the bed bugs were gone before we find out one more darn thing about them.

3 Yvonne March 25, 2007 at 2:37 am

I had to move out of my condo because I could not get rid of bedbugs. My 2 daughters never got bitten ever. I actually had one on my arm, it was full of blood. After that I had a very hard time sleeping. Hired 2 exterminators with no success . I have moved 2 times since but still seem to get bites. This all started in Mar 99, 8 years ago!

4 nobugsonme March 25, 2007 at 10:41 pm

Yvonne, first, if you get this, and respond, click “Get Advice” in the top menu, and respond in the thread as per the instructions there. You’ll get more responses, and it will keep this space for responses to the FAQs. In the meantime, how many visits, how far apart, were made by those two PCOs (exterminators)? You do not have to live with bed bugs permanently…

5 Tamika Crawford March 28, 2007 at 1:34 am

It’s one o’clock am and I’m awaken by endless scratching. I think I might have bed bugs. I’ve never had this problem before ever in life. I think I noticed it last year. It appeared that every morning when I awaken from sleep I find one or two bite marks on my legs. It didn’t suprise me because it was in the summer when it happened. I would see an occasional mosquitoe flying around my room and I thought that was it. But now I’m getting new bites every single day. It’s driving me crazy! The crazy part about it is I’m the only one getting bit. I still find it hard to believe. I had two beautiful daughters and they sleep with me all the time. I’m curious to know the answer to two questions. The first one is can someone bring bedbugs into your home and transfer them by sleeping in your bed? Lets say they sleep with their clothes on overnight. I had a friend sleep over and kept all of his clothes on. The second question is can bedbugs get into your matterss after being stored in a shed for a long period of time, let’s say almost two years? Because before I moved into my apartment my things were kept in an closed shed that was stored outside. I would love to have my questions answered. Right now I am still scratihing and very upset because my sleep pattern has been interrupted by the constant itch. Please help!! What if I look for the little critters and to no avail can’t locate a single one? How will I know for sure it’s them? Despite my complaints no one else seem to have this problem.
Itchy and Scratchy

6 nobugsonme March 28, 2007 at 1:38 am

yes– someone sleeping in your home can transfer bed bugs there.
yes–they have been known to live up to 18 months without feeding. i think its likely they’d go with someone else given the opportunity. i have not heard of any cases where they live longer than 18 months. but you can catch them on a bus or in a taxi– so you can’t be sure of knowing where you got them.

If you have more questions, click “Get advice” at the top.

7 Becky April 4, 2007 at 3:45 pm

I spent the weekend at a hotel in Austin, TX the weekend of March 23-26. At dinner that Saturday night I noticed three little bites on my right forearm. I figured spiders, mosquitoes, whatever.

We returned Monday the 26th and then on the following Friday (last), I awoke with about 15 bites across my stomach. I figured it was a spider. Next day I had them all the way up my right torso to my shoulder. They itch for a little while but not long, and the ones on my stomach are almost indiscernible now.

Sunday I woke with my right hip covered in bites. My husband is out of town and has been since Monday, and he wasn’t getting bitten. We sleep in separate beds in the same room.

I went to a baseball game Monday and noticed two bites on my right leg. When I got home, I looked for more and found them on my inner thigh. Tuesday I woke and had four new ones just below my navel. This is when I stopped thinking this was an incidental spider and instead, something seeking me out every night in my bed. So that’s how I found this forum.

What I did was to strip the bed and the futon in the living room where I sit, and launder EVERYTHING. All my clothes from the trip were already down in the laundry room. I scrutinized my bed, the wall, floor, box springs, etc., put light colored linens on the bed, searched the lint trap of the dryer after every load and found absolutely no sign of any bug of any sort.

I pulled my bed away from the wall and slept in it last night (with the flashlight nearby) and woke today bite-free.

I don’t know if it was bedbugs, but I have about 75 bites on me. My bed linens were cleaned just before I left on my trip, too.

I haven’t told my husband yet, and I don’t know that I will unless he starts getting bites. He knew about the bites I had before he left, but he has no idea of my bedbug theory. I’m just going to be vigilant about cleaning and changing linens and such. I’ve had helpful friends tell me it’s probably fleas (maybe, but with that many bites, I’d have seen at least one), chiggers (I’ve no idea where I would pick them up), allergies (uh, no), dry skin (duh). It’s bites, for sure. Red patch with a red dot in the center.

I called the hotel, not to ask them if they knew about it, but to inform them of the room I was in and the bed in which I slept so that another hapless traveler doesn’t fall possible victim to maybe bedbugs.

I itch all over just reading and writing about them! I’m hoping I caught it early if this is what it is, and I am really happy to have found a place with frank talk about the subject.

8 Becky April 4, 2007 at 3:49 pm

Oh, and they are almost exclusively on my right side – so whatever part of me was facing the ceiling got bitten (I sleep mostly on my left side and back), and I sleep fully covered with a sheet and comforter, unless I get hot at night (and I do) and then I will throw them off of me. I’ve read that most bites are on exposed areas. The only ones I’ve really found on such areas are the first ones on my arms.

9 Bugalina April 4, 2007 at 4:18 pm

Becky…I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but ask all the years you have been traveling have you ever seen bites like this before ??? No , probably not..that is because, in all liklihood, these are bed bug bites. These terrible bugs often don’t rear their ugly heads…you should cover your mattresses and boxsprings immediately with high end , specially made for bed bugs, covers…if that is where they are, they will be trapped inside…you must inspect every inch of your bedframes…every little inch…vacuum every single screwhead and board…leave no stone unturned…get some Murphy’s Oil Soap with Citrus and spray the frame down…..Asking advice from your friends is not very helpful if they haven’t experienced bedbugs…there is no public education being offered, yet these bugs are epidemic…and I would not have been so nice with that hotel in Austin..tell them they have a moral responsibility to check their rooms and get professional extermination..

10 Becky April 4, 2007 at 4:38 pm

Thanks, Bugalina. I have just finished a rudimentary vacuuming of the bed, box springs and frame. I have to wait until I have another strong back here to do a really thorough job, though. I can’t do it alone.

I have Murphy’s, so I’ll use some of that.

I haven’t heard back from the GM of the hotel. I will call again tomorrow. My guess is, since they’re a hotel they’ve dealt with bedbugs before. They’re not going to admit to having them, but they did tell me they were contacting both the GM and housekeeping. Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, they’ll change the sheets and vacuum and pretend nothing is wrong.

It is also conceivable I got the bugs from my luggage being with that of others’ on the plane, and that I picked one up from the plane seats.

Whatever, I’m taking it seriously even though I have yet to see the little monsters.

In answer to your question, I have seen bites like these – from spiders. I have just never seen them so numerous and consistent, and that’s why I suspected bed bugs.

My friends just want to be optimistic. But no, they’re not much help.

11 S April 4, 2007 at 5:06 pm

Hey Becky, did you read this website’s FAQ’s?

Obviously we are a little biased, since this is a bedbug site after all, but bedbugs and travel are very often linked and if you’re not yet sure if this is bedbugs, I think you should play it smart and assume the worst-case scenario. The worst case being, of course, bedbugs. They are certainly an awful pest, but if you act quickly (and you seem like you can!) you will get rid of them faster.

You might solve this just by vacuuming and laundering, but if the bites continue after you do these things, you probably want to a) tell your husband, b) call a PCO and c) isolate your bed.

At least, that is what I would do, and that is the order in which I would do it.

Read all the FAQ’s, and just a note based on personal experience, don’t think to yourself “This doesn’t apply to me because my case isn’t that bad” or “This won’t help me because it’s too early.” Listen, I never had more than 3 bites in one day. I may have had 75 bites in total, and that’s over the course of 4 months. So your case, I hate to say, is actually kinda bad already. You need to get moving. The faster you get a PCO in there, the sooner the problem starts getting better not worse.

You may “have yet to see the little monsters,” but that is totally normal. As you may have read, bedbugs are good at hiding. It is like their job to avoid detection. Their bodies have evolved for that purpose alone – that’s why they are so flat. But don’t wait to act until you see a bug – that could be weeks and by the time you DO see a bug, your infestation could be really bad.

Bites are more often on exposed areas, but that doesn’t mean bites under clothing are impossible. In fact, I’d say they are still pretty likely. Your sheets won’t do anything. The fact that your bites are all on your right side is interesting, but if you sleep on your left side then it probably just means they are biting wherever they can get access.

Please read the FAQ’s, tell your husband, and get a qualified PCO in there. Vacuuming and laundry won’t hurt, but you really need some residual chemicals put down around your place.

I also applaud your efforts to call the hotel – you are obviously an empathetic person and that will go a long way. Thanks for caring about fellow travelers – if only everyone was like you!

Good luck and keep us posted!

12 S. April 4, 2007 at 5:07 pm

Oh, that was me, S. 🙂

13 willow-the-wisp April 4, 2007 at 5:58 pm

hey becky glad but sad to have you aboard. Since you are already getting advice abut vacuuming–you might as well not forget to vacuum the actual bed and box spring–starting with the box spring is often suggested, but I’m not so sure–you have to move the mattress off the box-spring to do that, so I’d personally start at the mattress then work my way down.
I hate to break it to you too–but all those bites: I’d call my husband over the phone and then call the pco immediatly. This is not what I did: It’s what the best case scenerio of what should be done, according to the more learned folks here at this great blog.
BTW–Does eveyone know that an ice cube on a bite will make the itch and some of the swelling go away??? At least for a while it does for most othe types of bites.

14 willow-the-wisp April 4, 2007 at 6:01 pm

oh yeah … have a thick, clear plastic tape band ready to tape any evidence of bugs to a bit of white cardboard or thick index cards. PCO and Health Inspectors want objective evidence–as, I’m sure so do you.

15 nobugsonme April 4, 2007 at 7:37 pm

Becky–I am going to reply to you in the forums (Click “Get Advice” on the top menu and go to the forums!)

Everyone else–please help us keep the posts and FAQs on topic: if a conversation gets away from the topic of the post, let’s take it to the forums. The advantage to all of us is you can easily find all the previous conversations you were involved in in the forums (via your profile) and you can also search by tags. On the blog, if the comments get off topic, it’s harder to find the relevant ones if you ever want to revisit them. Newcomers often don’t know this policy so please help me out by directing them to the forums. Thanks!

16 NeverSleep November 6, 2007 at 4:45 am

I woke up 3 weeks ago with a bug on my arm… I was horrified, and immediately thought “bed bugs.” I showed my husband and he was unimpressed so we ended up throwing out the mattress and sleeping on the couches for two weeks until we could afford a new one (which we haven’t even taken the plastic off of yet). We’re both students so we havent had the time or resources to properly clean our house out and do laundry, and we certainly can’t afford an exterminator.

Now I wake up every day with bites, and the seem to become more frequent as hte day wear on (ie – i notice more around 5pm then I did when I got up at 10). My husband doesn’t get ANYTHING. I went to the doctor and he ruled out scabies, and pretty much anything other than bugbites.

WHY’!?!>! I’m starting to hate brining it up, as i generally get the eye roll and sigh and “well what do you want to do about it then?” and “I can’t sleep with the light on”


17 nobugsonme November 6, 2007 at 5:29 am

I responded to your other comment. This is a common complaint, unfortunately. You need a PCO (exterminator). Read the FAQs–your landlord may be responsible to pay. Find out if neighbors are infested, as that affects the situation if s/he is not (in many parts of Canada as per our FAQ on landlords and tenants). Come to the forums if you need support. Blue button at top right.

18 Jazzy May 24, 2008 at 11:22 am

I first started getting bitten in December 2007. Bed bugs were the last thing on my mind as I truly thought they were fictional, like in that nursery rhyme “don’t let the bed bugs bite”. I kept getting bitten and my boyfriend wasn’t, but we were both concerned. I thought it was a spider so we tore the bedroom apart, piece by piece. We got to the box spring and as soon as we turned it up on it’s side, bed bugs began to pop out of it. We rushed it down to the dumpster and one or two popped out on the way down the stairs 🙁 We called our landlord immediately the next day and an exterminator visit was scheduled. We had to cover up ALL of our electronics in plastic (We each have a computer and lots of electronic music equipment so this was not an easy task) and we had to bag up ALL of our clothes, towels, sheets, etc and seal them in plastic so they could all be washed in hot water. Not good as I have a lot of clothes and some were to be ruined by being washed in hot water 🙁 Our landlord refused to help at all besides sending an exterminator. It cost us a lot of money in quarters to wash everything, at least two days to box everything up, move it out of our bedroom and get ready for the bug guy to come. It was awful, but we did it. Two months after the treatment, I started getting bit again and again, my boyfriend was not getting bit. We reported it to our landlord (come to find out this very dirty woman had moved in behind us months ago and we probably got them from her) and we had to go through the process all over again in February. As time went on, I thought the horrible bites were a thing of the past and just a week ago, I started getting bitten again. The exterminator then came and checked our entire apartment and couldn’t find any signs of bugs, but offered to spray anyway (at the cost of the apt complex). So, we did it all again a couple days ago. I just got done brushing my teeth and I found another bite on my pinky finger! So I got on line to try to learn more and I found this site. I’m looking to buy a house right now and I am SO afraid of taking these disgusting little blood suckers with me. I’m about to abandon all of my furniture, seal up all of my clothes and take them to a laundry service and have them all done for me when I leave and just start over. Do you think this will work? I also recently found out that my ex-dirty neighbor may have not been the problem but it could have been somebody bringing them into my house who is still bringing them into my house. I am very panicky about the whole situation and I’m ready to ban all my friends from coming over until they have an exterminator check out their living situation. I don’t know what else to do, this is awful. The exterminator even said it’s very odd that after the treatment in February that I wouldn’t get bitten again until May unless they were re-introduced into the environment. I’m freaking out and don’t know what to do!

19 nobugsonme May 25, 2008 at 3:57 pm

Hi Jazzy,

It is quite possible you or someone who comes to your home is reintroducing them. It is also possible a neighbor has them and they’re being reintroduced that way.

Another possibility is that you may have had some bed bugs all along (in smaller numbers). It is possible that you are not reacting to the odd bite, but when bitten in greater force, suffer a noticeable allergic reaction.

If you retreat, PCOs generally do a repeat treatment within 2 weeks. Single treatments do not generally work. Most cases need 3+ treatments, and if people are treated just once, it is not unusual for bed bugs to bounce back in a short time.

Moving is very tricky. Many have tried and failed. Some have succeeded. You have to decide if it is possible to get proper treatment for yourself as well as having neighbors inspected and treated if need be. If not, moving may be a good idea. Don’t assume you will not bring some bed bugs, however. Some people arrange to move while the old apt. is being treated, and to have one treatment in the new place (to kill the odd bed bug brought along for the ride).

Also, if you do send your laundry out, you must take it in sealed bags (such as XL ziplocs) and make sure the laundry service understands the bags must be emptied into the machines and washed and dried on hot, before being placed into new sealed bags. If they do not fully understand the issues involved, they may infest their shop, other customers, and reinfest your clean wash.

Good luck!

If you have further questions or comments, please post them on the forums:

20 Julia March 19, 2009 at 8:47 pm

I think I might have introduced bed bugs into my house using my gym duffle ba as a vehicle. I am coverd in papules, like some sort of urticaria. But my husband, who sleeps in the very same bed, has no bites and no rash whatsoever. Is it possible that only I could be allergic to their bite? I have an appointment with an allergologist tomorrow. I have checked my mattress (I have the European kind, without boxspring) and I have not seen any, but I have a rattan bed frame, so good luck inspecting that! Thank you…

21 Julia March 19, 2009 at 8:48 pm

“Duffle bag,” sorry.

22 nobugsonme March 19, 2009 at 11:31 pm

HI Julia– Yes, it could be that you picked them up somewhere and brought them home in a bag.

They may also have walked in from a neighbor’s home if you have an attached home (apartment, flat, attached house, etc.)

Not being allergic is very common, but keep in mind bites CAN take a while to appear. You may possibly have been bitten outside the home and should carefully consider the possibility. Bites can take up to 9 days to appear, we’re told, though many people probably react within a day or so.

Please come to the forums if you need support:

23 This is making me itch all over... July 7, 2009 at 12:55 pm

OKay somebody in our apartment complex had pest control come in because they got bed bugs yesterday we were informed that somebody had them in there unit and now we have to have an inspection and we may have to have all the units debugged that are in this complex. I got bite by something and maybe I am just parinode of this whole thing but I had 3 bites other then from being outside. I had 1 on my thigh yesterday now I have 2 more but I looked through our bed and nothing and my son and husband aren’t bitten, then again maybe it’s all in my head because I did check our bed and we dont travel to hotels and motels or anything like that so I know we didnt bring them in and our matress is about 5 months old and my sons crib is a year old now.
is this all in my head….I really hope we dont have any bugs because the thought of it makes me itch like crazy….

24 bigbadbugs November 4, 2009 at 10:44 pm

RE: why am I being bitten, but my partner isn’t?
I’m female, and my son and I are being bitten.
My partner on the other hand isn’t, he is actually on warfarin which means its probably extra good luck he isn’t being bitten or we really would have bloodspots on the sheets!
He has no sign of bites on his body, I presume it would be possible to see something even if there is no reaction.
Also, I have, ever-so-slightly raised cholesteral levels so I wondered if the BB think I’m extra tasty.
We have a big problem here in that, before I got BB I heard the neighbours down the street have them, so I believe they’ve got to us through the buildings. Literally blocks of flats are infested and it has occured to me that most people probably haven’t noticed them and are refusing the treatments/aren’t in at home and don’t want to make the effort to be home for a treatment they don’t think they need.

25 sphynx July 10, 2013 at 6:01 am

AAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!. I have spent the ladt 2 days wide awake…
I am 100 times over major bugaphobic & I have been fighting an issue
Of all kinds of bugs for a few weeks now to the point I am literally
Losing my mind … fleas from a rescue pompom which i literally shaved
and collared along with my other pets after bathing them all
& the problem subsided then now discovered BB literally I’ve read everything
On every bug I could find…. and tonight my worst fear has been verified
I caught a few BB’s got them stuck to tape I’m female & gettin bit like crazy but my husband is not I know the seriousness off this problem since I’ve read everything I could find but I mention the problem & the fact that a professional is needed to myhusband & he’s mad as hell cuz plain & simple we just ain’t got the money for that kind of thing cuz like most we live paycheck to paycheck barely squeekin by on food & gas!!! I was always under the belief that ckean people don’t have bugs but I learned quickly that is not the case with these little pains!!! But I don’t understand how they could have made it in my house other than about a month ago the neighbors behind me threw out 2 sets of beds behinh their garage & left them there up until last week…. that’s not even 5ft from my back yard fence & I believe that’s where they came from hitching a ride on my pets… OMG!!!! NOW WHAT?!!

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