Use bed bug registries and warn others about infested buildings and hotels!

by nobugsonme on March 12, 2007

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This is a shout out to the newbites, and anyone else who hasn’t done so: if you’re renting, please take a moment and report your infested addresses or former addresses. There are two websites where people are collecting and mapping infested addresses.

They also say when the infestation occurred, so it is not like landlords will have a black mark against their name for all time. But it is good to warn people who might be moving into your building or former apt. And of course, multiple infestations will be obvious in time, and that will be essential information for renters.

Please use both registries, since they are separate and you want to make sure anyone checking in will see your address. They do hotels too!

Bed Bug Registry (for bed bugs in USA or CANADA)
Bed Bug City (For bed bugs anywhere on earth)

Don’t put it off for another day. Think of the poor sap who might move in next door, or take that apt. you fled.

People are starting to use these. A friend’s sister has one building next to hers on one list and one on the other (hence the importance of using both sites!) If everyone were to use them, we’d get a clearer picture of how prevalent this is, as well as warning other renters. Also, if you live in a neighborhood and the neighbors have bed bugs, be warned– someone is going to throw something out and someone in your building is going to take it home. We need to become aware of this problem and share the knowledge with those around us.

Sadly, there is no solution right now for homeowners, since no one is going to register a house they might want to sell.


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