Presidential Towers sold, with free bed bugs!

by nobugsonme on March 6, 2007 · 2 comments

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Chicago’s Presidential Towers has been sold for $470 million. This announcement comes only days after the 3 tenants filed a lawsuit against the building, which has four 49-story buildings, and 2,300 residences. Presidential Towers sold for $20 million more than experts expected; I wonder if homeowners with bed bugs can expect the same value-enhanced effects from an infestation. Remember Curbed reported that Maya Rudolph’s bed bug infested loft was turned around and re-listed fairly swiftly with the new $16,000/mo. rent up $2500 from its pre-bedbug price.

What I especially liked about the ABC report was the newsreel which included news on the lawsuit, as well as wonderful interview-let with a Chicago dermatologist (the article says “skin specialist”):

“I think I have seen a small increase,” said Dr. Clarence Brown, Rush University Medical Center.

Dr. Brown, a skin specialist, said that those who have been bittern have itchy swollen bites for days, especially along their veins. Many people have trouble understanding it’s bedbugs.

“They’re confused, actually, why do I have this rash? It itches so much. Where did it come from? They are skeptical when you convey that you are convinced that this is actually insect bites and that bedbugs might be one of the possibilities,” said Dr. Brown.

Yes folks, contrary to what many Bedbuggers have experienced (i.e. doctors who insist we don’t have bed bugs), this doctor has trouble convincing his clients that they do. I guess that’s progress.

I know Jess has a few things to say about the bed bug situation in Chicago, so I’ll hand over to her.


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